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June 29, 2016

Trey Gowdy Can’t Say Hillary Lied About Benghazi – YouTube

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  1. She did lie about the anti Muslim video being the instigator of the violence. And she knew that there was building Intel chatter about a possible attack by terrorists in the area, but at first refused to acknowledge or disclose it. Instead, she and Obama put some poor stupid slob in federal lock up for a time for the stupid anti Muhammed video almost no one saw on youtube till after we all we told about it.
    There is much more to the emails and the bengazi story. They are still investigating. Not just the Republican house, but Obama’s FBI and Obama’s justice department. A federal judge just widened the probe.
    It’s not nothing.

    Comment by KIA — June 30, 2016 @ 06:52

    • Hello Kia. As I understand it, the CIA asked the state department to use that story. Everyone forgets that the second part of this was an ongoing CIA operation. The administration at first was trying not to let too much information out and compromise an operation. Then most of it came out anyway. I believe that the CIA had to get their own house in order first. The important thing to me is not the cover story that was first put out for the CIA nor the correction put out afterwards. It was the republicans insistence that Hillary refused to send help or somehow had anything to do with the deaths of the four people. For years the republicans have been pushing the issue of her “guilt” so they can use it against her in the election. The ones making politics out of this are the republicans. I think after 7 or 8 investigations and all the millions spent on these “fact finding investigations” , that we are not learning anything new, Hillary did not break any laws, and she did not withdraw or deny aid. Now I missed the person in lock up for a time. I have tried to keep up with all this stuff, but I think a few times I just got tired of the games being played and zoned out a few times. I admit I have been basically watching the clips now rather than try to wade into the whole river of politics that this has become. I think it is sad because I do think there was some things done wrong, that could be done better. I think having CIA operations in side of embassies and state department missions is very wrong. It is two groups that have very different needs, and desired outcomes, and it makes targets of the diplomatic personnel. I think that we should have a “danger scale” with set military response protocols that are implemented as soon as those levels are met. I think having better understanding of what is going on around the missions, embassies and other diplomatic outposts. That saddens me that what can be learned, can be done different is getting lost by this republican attempt to smear Hillary and the Obama administration’s “circling the wagons” approach. I guess that is part of who I am , I don’t like the mean and nasty stuff, and I am looking for the “cooperation to fix it” thing. On a side note I am reminded how Ken Starr’s investigations of the clintons became so political and when they did not find wrongdoing they simply widened the probe, expanded the investigation. I think that anyone has some possible bad doings if someone is determined to keep digging to find it. Got to run, I am feeling well enough to make breakfast for the boys this morning. They are trimming our trees. I had a rough start ( threw up several times already ) to the morning. Be well. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — June 30, 2016 @ 09:13

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