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July 2, 2016

Bill Maher Rips Republicans Over California’s Booming Economy

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Source: Bill Maher Rips Republicans Over California’s Booming Economy

I love this.  Proof with the numbers that raising taxes on the wealthy won’t hurt the economy, won’t destroy jobs or businesses.    It shows clearly that trickle down is useless.   California raised taxes  on the rich and their economy is soaring, the jobs are pouring , the money for the state coffers are changing the state’s numbers from a state needing money desperately to a state with a budget surplus.   Please stop listening to rich CEO’s and others who are looking out only for themselves and don’t care about anyone not on their economic level.   The states run by republicans that cat all the taxes on businesses have crashed their economies, lost job, and are cutting services and assistants to  those in desperate need.   The difference is clear, the result is also clear.   Hugs

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