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July 4, 2016

Capitalism has hit a crossroads

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When I was a young man, I met an older Welsh man. HE told me that in the future not all people would work, and those that did would work much smaller hours, trading their job off to others. He said the problem we had developed was people got their sense of self worth from their job, and a secondary was the inability of those not in a certain economic level to gain access to needed goods and services. He said we needed to teach people to be productive in their non working time, their day , with out being destructive as we were then with off time. We needed to produce without regard for others to want our production. That was we would have productive behaviors to occupy us and not engage in the most destructive parts of society. In a way the internet has done part of that for us. I can not work, yet I feel I have something to do with my time each day. I blog. I am adding to my blog which has some small following and I read as many blogs as I can get to in the time between sleepings. So now we have to address the issue of those not working enough hours to earn a “decent” living and those working all the y can and not having a living wage. I often wondered in Star Trek TNG when they said they got rid of money and the need for it, and people got their satisfaction doing things that interested them.. those who had desires and wants fulfilled them in their pursuits, how they paid for the goods and services they wanted. Yes doctors were doctors because of the love of healing or so, but who did the crap jobs, and was there extra for them? Who made sure everyone could eat, go to the bathroom, wash, and all the other things humans must have. Were all goods free, if so who paid for the material to built them, even if the labor was free? I admit it takes more than I have to figure out these problems. But someone better, because the way of people not really working unless it pleases them is coming. More and more automation, more self serve. Hope they figure it out soon or it will be people against people to just live, and all will lose. Hugs

Shrey's Notepad: The Quest for Knowledge

This is morbidly fascinating.

Without us even knowing it, we’ve stumbled across one of the most critical moments we’ve ever reached with regards to our economic ideologies. For decades, the unbridled, free market bent of capitalist thought has dominated society, with the capitalist ethos themselves being the key to the “good life” in the words of John Maynard Keynes. But while it remains the key to ensuring economic prosperity for as great a number of people as possible, its critics have been slowly growing, and people are slowly becoming aware of the gradual damage it’s doing to our societal values. The old Keynesian notion of the good life really doesn’t stand up when we take into account that the Western world is now gradually becoming unhappier and unhappier. The pursuit for material goods and relativist, superficial wealth has resulted in the average person becoming far more preoccupied with their money than…

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