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July 6, 2016

Thomas Jefferson, Deism, and the 4th of July

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If any post on my blog shall be read and thought on, this is the one I hope people will pick. For understanding this post and what it means for us as Americans is an indicator of where our country is headed. What we need to understand is that we , not some mythical god must take the responsibility and do what we know is correct and right, well thought out, and have enjoyment in this life, not the shadow living in hope of a second after. Hugs

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usa-american-flagCourtesty of

On the fourth day of July, the United States celebrates the writing and establishment of the Declaration of Independence. With only a very few word changes this magnificent document was written by one man, Thomas Jefferson, a Deist.

While many continue to contend the U.S. is a “Christian Nation,” it has been noted time and again this belief is incorrect. The forefathers of this great country were not Christians. They were Deists. For anyone not familiar with the term, Wikipedia describes it thus:

For Deists, human beings can know God only via reason and the observation of nature, but not by revelation or supernatural manifestations (such as miracles).

Or, as William Edelen puts it in his superb article:

In Deism, there is no personal God, only “providence” or “nature’s god”

When compared to Christianity, Deists believe Jesus was a teacher. Nothing more. They view the bible as literature…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Scottie!

    Comment by Nan — July 6, 2016 @ 18:46

    • Hello Nan! Thank you for writing it. I admire your skill with facts and the conclusions that can be drawn. Thank you again. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — July 6, 2016 @ 18:54

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