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July 8, 2016

Funding to fight Zika virus still in limbo as Congress nears a 7-week break | The Kansas City Star

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The four-month standoff on funding for a Zika virus bill has reached the eleventh hour as Senate Democrats say they won’t support the House-backed Zika legislation with “poison pill” provisions. Meanwhile, the summer mosquito season has arrived and the virus could gain a foothold in numerous states.

Source: Funding to fight Zika virus still in limbo as Congress nears a 7-week break | The Kansas City Star

I think this is why people are so tired of politics and angry at politicians.  These poison pill measures, the dance of using rules to beat on the minority party ( regardless of which party is the majority or minority ) and the refusal to allow the minority party a say in any prospective laws or what is brought up for vote.   I think it should be a law that all legislation, all laws deal with only one subject.   One subject and its consequences to be voted on.  That ends one of the problems.  Second is the word COMPROMISE !   Last I knew it was an insult only in politics.   Last I knew it was considered statesmanship when opposition parties compromised to reach an end.   Compromise is not one side getting everything and all it wants and the other party getting nothing or losing all.   It is no honor to say that you won’t compromise and it is not an honest compromise that starts at the position of only one side and moves closer to that side with all losses being borne by the minority party.   We can fix a lot of problems by using this method, I know this because our ancestors did it, and we can also.   


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