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July 8, 2016

Why Cops are Blazing Away at Black People

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The Nation ran an article (Why Alton Sterling and Philando Castile Are Dead by Kai Wright) which had the subtitle “We have too much law enforcement, too deeply enmeshed in our lives, and that fact …

Source: Why Cops are Blazing Away at Black People

I really like this.  I had to back up a few times and see how the discussion flowed from point to point and were joined.   That shows to me I learned something reading the post.  Here I found Ideas I had not put together before.   I say this because I always felt the Jim Crow laws had a lot to do with white people who had a lower station in life wanting to show their superiority over others.  I say this because when I was working I noticed that those most racist, most wanting to keep a colored person in a less possition, complained of their advancements, and claimed automatic superiority to a colored person… often were those who were in a lower station compared with their peers, were less educated, were less upwardly mobile and less stable.  It just seemed to me that they couldn’t sneer at their co-workers, they couldn’t move up in rank in anyway other than time, so they felt they needed to be better than someone.. and that someone was any person of color.   Now if you don’t understand how demeaning that is to a black person, think of how most of us felt seeing the Gov of Arizona shake her finger in the face of the sitting President of the United States.  It made most of us cringe seeing a lower ranked white person seeming to take to task, in public and using a manner of a superior to a junior, the most highly ranked man in our government who happened to be black.   She was a junior who seemed to be portraying a superiority over someone only by virtue of race.   She felt she was more powerful than the most authoritative man in the country due to her skin color.   I am sure that must have rankled with a man of the President’s accomplishments.   I know it would have rankled me, and I don’t have a portion of his achievements.    Hugs


  1. Orwell was right – police state authoritarianism.

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    Comment by Robert A. Vella — July 8, 2016 @ 17:21

    • I would so rather think of them as losers. I can’t believe that anyone with real intelligence can still be a racists. Yes I know there are still a bunch of them out there and some really scary skin head young people. But are they smart enough to get into a position of authority. Yes there are a bunch left in authority, but they have to feel less powerful, less able to do their harmful actions. At least I dang well hope so. I never let a racist comment get past me, I stood up for fellow enlisted and fellow officers, as I hoped those that knew I was gay would stand up for me. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — July 8, 2016 @ 17:38

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