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July 13, 2016

Posted this on Wally blog

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This was the blog page ( link below ) I posted my comment.  I really was upset by Wally’s refusal to see what Nan was trying to tell him.   So I wrote my own view point.  As I have heard Wally likes to not post people’s comments he doesn’t agree with, I posted my own comment here on my blog also.   Hugs

Hello Wally. I have no concern if you have a diety you worship or not. I do take offence with the quote from a totally error filled, multi conflicting, and unbelievable book such as the bible. Your post is totally uncaring due to the many deaths, tortures , kidnappings, and child molestations going on today to mention just a few things. What you are saying with your post is that it is OK you loved ones died, were tortured or your child raped, because it is gods will. I am sorry but any deity who gets its jollies off on that is not a god worth worship in any form. If your deity is the deity of the bible who supports slavery, incest, multiple wives, and genocide ( the flood and other examples are in truth genocide ) then I can not say you have an moral high ground to talk from. I am not arguing against your right to worship anything you choice, you can worship a rock for all I care. But do try to be a bit sensitive and understand what the words from your holy book can mean to others. Saying it is OK for families to lose loved ones, be without fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, because your deity is in charge and controls it.. decides who lives and dies and who has to suffer. Well to me that kind of deity seems like the devil christians think is real. Be well, be happy. Hugs


  1. Very nice comment. Of course he will never allow it. The problem most Christians like wally have is they often spout Christian memes without fully thinking thru the foundational thinking behind them or the full implications of thinking them thru to their end conclusions.
    He blamed me for falsly thinking his post was about the Dallas shootings, I still think he’s not being honest.. Just spinning after getting caught… But even if it were not related, the kind of message such a meme sends is what he’s being called on by me, nan and you.
    Good thinking and good comment. Have a great day.

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    Comment by KIA — July 14, 2016 @ 06:40

    • Yes, he did the same to me, which is a shame, as I was pointing out , like you guys, the post is easily hurtful. Someone who loves a loving deity would do all they could not to be hurtful. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — July 14, 2016 @ 11:22

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