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July 16, 2016

Religion and Politics in a secular democracy.

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My biggest wonder about this is why some of the most developed nations , the most advanced technologically, have people who demand of their politicians and leaders a litmus test of faith in a religion. You must believe in god, as close to” their god belief” as possible to be elected. In the USA we have a constitutional amendment that says NO religious test is permissible for election to office, yet repeatedly the voters demand a candidate not only voice a belief and respect in a deity , the voting public demand it be their god, and a strict bending of public laws to follow their religious precepts. I am told in at least one state, it maybe more, but in Texas it is a state law that no atheist can qualify for public office. That is directly against the constitution so many of them claim is given to them by “god”! I am sad for my country and frustrated. I remember when my country was respected around the world for our scientific achievements. Students came from around the globe to study at our schools. Now we are a laughing stock because religious fever has taken over our country and made our education system so poor that non developed nations surpass us in standardised tests. I am an older man with a poor education yet today when I mention stuff I learned in school, I get blank looks or am told that they never learned that.. some kids even get taught by their parents to interrupt their teachers, and insist that the teacher is wrong, and are taught ways to taunt the teacher. Different way to look at disrupting the class from thirty years ago, but as a 12 year old ( 6th grade ) I made a whole science class go a bit out of control on a discussion of body functions and when the teacher demanded I stop talking about what I knew ( not why I knew it of course, I was well versed in some aspects by then due to my abuse at home ) she sent me to the principal’s office. The principal a really nice man who suspected my abuse and had tried his best to help me told me I had two choices. I had to be punished he said and did I understand that..yes I was use to being punished. He told me I had a choice to either take a bare bottom spanking from him in his office , or be suspended for three days and have to write lines of I will not disrupt class. That meant he had to tell my adoptive parents. I took the spanking. Now I tell this not for sympathy for being spanked, but for the idea that today kids are taught to disrupt the teacher and to refuse any attempt at being taught. My principal did me a big favor, if he had told my “parents” I would have suffered a lot more. He also explained to me what I did wrong as I was not sure why I should not tell what came out of a penis and what shape it was and about scrotums and stuff like that? I thought I was adding to the lesson and pretty proud of myself for knowing the answers to questions hinted at but not asked. So goes the downfall of my country, via religion. The most ardent of the fundamentalists keep saying they need to take the country back, that their god must come first in all things, school, home, work, government. The fact that the many different “Christian” groups couldn’t agree doesn’t dissuade them. They want to remove the known science and advancements of our country to put their faith in charge and what stuns me most is they are proud of that. Sad, if anyone has any ideas how to take our country back from religion let me know. Most of these people have so little grasp of history they think god has always been in the pledge of allegiance, and on our money. They think the founding fathers were holy rolling christians of their faith because that is what the pastor or priest says on their worship day. When you try to point out the facts to them, they are like the kids taught to disrupt the class… they simply say “no no we know better as our god has told us”. I am now at a loss what to do. If anyone can help, has an idea, please let me know. Hugs and lots of love, everyone be well.


  1. Religious fundamentalism: boldly charging headlong back into our very dark past.

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    Comment by Robert A. Vella — July 16, 2016 @ 23:34

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