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July 16, 2016

Rude…also totally insensitive .

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  1. Hi Scottie;
    I’ve thought a lot about this whole “BLM” movement. I find myself with an unfortunate response, but with a rationale that hopefully makes sense.
    The BLM movement stresses that the abuses and outright bureaucratically sanctioned murder of black people in this country can not be tolerated, and reminds us that ** These Lives Do Matter! **. I couldn’t agree more.
    My problem is that I want to say “All Lives Matter” to say that when we reduce any person to the point of non-personhood, when we as a country/government decide that one person is worth more than another or more to the point that one person is worth less than another, we stumble down a horrible road. I say all lives matter because life is precious, and those who can’t see that need to be removed from their positions of authority and relegated to a turnip farm or something. I mean, will we need to have a movement soon that “Hispanic Lives Matter” or that “Asian Lives Matter”, or that “Native American Lives Matter” just to drive into the heads of the brainless that these are people and should be treated with respect!
    Ironic, then, that I also support “blue lives matter”. Why? Well, they are people! But, I am so in the camp that the habit of police pulling their weapons at a whim has got to come to a stop. The very last thing that should happen is that weapon comes from the holster, and when it does it is because the situation has gone to the point where it is absolutely necessary. I can’t imagine the stress of walking into situations where you don’t know what is coming, where you or someone else could be hurt badly, even shot. That has to be a difficult job at the highest level! And, towards that, I would rather pay more in taxes to allow officers more down time, more decompress time. They are there to keep us safe, and they should be given all respect. But, they are also there to help that person that is going thru their own personal hell and need some understanding, not the absolute fear that on top of all the rest of their worst moments they are going to get shot by the very cops that are supposed to “protect and serve”.


    Comment by randy — July 16, 2016 @ 19:01

    • Hello Randy.. first many are going to be upset by your opening ..until they read the rest and understand what you are trying to say. You are correct, all lives matter, but sadly there are some, a lot more than I suspected , police officers who automatically assume the worst of a black person than they do a white one. That is why we are not seeing twice a week a white person being abused or killed by police. The fact is I know a young black man in his 20’s who is a great kid, newly married, works hard and trying to make his life go in the american dream..and he is terrified of police and what is happening.. we were talking and I told him I can not understand his fear in truth as I am a white older man with a white beard driving an old person’s van. I don’t worry about getting stopped and have no reason to fear it. He has reason to think it will be his death. That is what brings it home to me. He is me a lot younger and his skin is darker and for that the people who are charged with protecting him may be the ones to kill him.

      You know my jobs, you know I carried a gun, you know I was under the color of law, you know I was a trained sheriff’s deputy, and you know my training was so different than I see today. IF any of these people had been on the force I was in they would have been gone in a second. Yes we had some who drank too much or had bigotry issues, but everything was left at home when you put on the uniform and came to work. We were held to a higher standard.

      I agree with you, blue lives matter, all lives matter, white lives matter…but it is specifically black lives that are being targeted and killed, and I can only think that comes down to bigotry, and prejudice. It is the only way to explain why a white person brandishing a gun threatening police gets to be talked down while an unarmed black guy gets killed. Don’t even get me started on the poor Rice boy, that was deliberate murder due to bigotry if I ever seen it. No way in any situation would we have ever driven right up to the perp …and then shot the perp in less than two seconds.. I am not sure but I suspect they shot out the open window as I think it would take more than two seconds to open a car door and then shoot.

      Thanks for your insight my wonderful brother, You often point out things I miss. I love you. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — July 16, 2016 @ 20:21

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