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July 31, 2016

Things people can do when they take a chance.

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I have been watching Nova on Amazon Prime.  I love learning and I love science and skills.   I have been stunned to see what people can figure out, what they can do and achieve.  Mostly I am amazed at how many times people with learning and training have to take a chance.  Stress their equipment or go with a plan they think will work, but has never been tried.   I just watched the one on the Roman Colosseum.  These guys wanted to try to figure out how things worked, so they built a setup outside the structure that had to be lifted in.  They could not damage the structure.  It is a protected world historic site.  However the setup was too heavy for the crane to safely lift over the wall of the Colosseum without tipping the crane over and of course damaging the whole structure.   Also there were people visiting and they would be killed.   So they got the weight down to 150 over weight limit.   This is where skill and training comes in.   With nothing left to take off, the man in charge thought his dream was over.. but the crane operator told him.. he could do it.  It would be hard, they would go slow, but he knew his machine and would take every precaution.   The crane operator couldn’t see inside so he was directed by radio and still without being able to see what he was aiming for he safely slid the overweight setup in between the fragile walls with just inches on both sides.  I sure hope they bought that man a few beers afterward.  He saved the project because he knew his job, he had learned his skills, and he trusted himself.  Now I know sometimes it turns out bad.  I watched a show on Nova about a sea captain who takes his two ships and his men into the arctic ( or maybe the antarctic ) and both ships were lost and all the men.   So it pays to know what you’re doing if you are going to go out on a limb.   Best wishes and hugs

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