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August 9, 2016

An American president paid a ransom to Iran, but it wasn’t Barack Obama

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Source: An American president paid a ransom to Iran, but it wasn’t Barack Obama


I am posting this because I do remember!  I have seen no less than 8 political cartoons in just the last ten minutes that claim President Obama paid $400 million as a bribe.   This is just stupid.   It has no basis in truth.  The money we gave BACK to them was THEIR money.  We had no right to it.  Under law we had to give it back.   We made a deal with them back when the Shah of Iran was in power.   We agreed to sell them military equipment.  They paid us.   However when the revolution happened we did not deliver the goods and we kept the money.   Now you know you can’t do that.  That is illegal for you to do and it is greatly problematic for the USA as a country to do.  Now for all of those people in the GOP, the republican hardliners who are screaming, writing, drawing cartoons about how President Obama is paying off Iran in bribes need to understand that the President they wish to have elevated to sainthood, Former President Ronald Reagan, was the one who really paid bribes to Iran.   They need to learn this, they need to understand it.  Then they need to sit down and shut up and stop ranting lies.   Hugs

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