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August 13, 2016

Why Trust Trump on the Supreme Court Picks? | Politics Now

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GOP supporters are not happy campers these days. The loyal are pretty morose about the erratic Mr. Trump who seems to do more to elect Hillary Clinton than Hillary Clinton is doing to elect Hillary Clinton. About the only remaining chant one reads on social media these days is “but the Supreme Court, we have… Read more »

Source: Why Trust Trump on the Supreme Court Picks? | Politics Now

Excerpt below: 

Can Donald Trump be trusted to deliver a conservative candidate for the Supreme Court? He is a pure lefty on so many issues. He is very much to the left of Bernie Sanders on trade. More to the left than any Democrat nominated for the office in my long lifetime.

Donald Trump has a fundamental problem with honesty. Politifact, the award-winning fact-checking site has been kept very busy by Mr. Trump. Starting with his announcement of his Presidential bid the site has kept a running tab on his statements.

Trump stated five “facts” in his announcement. All five are untrue. You can check Trump’s Politifact file here. He is so dishonest that he only tells the truth 4% of the time.

And this:

Do you remember Trump Steaks? Remember his promoting “his” steaks? They weren’t exactly his. They were bought directly from Bush Brother’s Provisions. In fact, the steaks sold at his properties were wrapped in the Bush Brothers packaging. These were not the same steaks that were sold by Sharper Image, and sold poorly. Again, saying one thing, doing another.

Who here remembers The Trump Network? It was a multi-level marketing scheme. Some called it a pyramid scheme. It sold vitamins based on samples from a urine kit, which is junk science. Vitamin levels are checked with blood tests. Buyers were recruited to become distributors and picked up many costs. Trump sold it and when it folded the distributors shouldered the losses.

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