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August 14, 2016

13-year-old Danny Fitzpatrick kills self, describes being bullied in emotional note – CBS News

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In handwritten note, Staten Island teen says he was mercilessly bullied and his school didn’t do anything

Source: 13-year-old Danny Fitzpatrick kills self, describes being bullied in emotional note – CBS News

Randy sent this to me and I am glad he did, we all should understand this!   Such heartbreak!   The breaking heart, torn and worn emotions, grief , anger, deep sadness, and yes due to the lack of help an insurmountable feeling of hopelessness this child must have felt.   The heartbreak of his father and mother will feel every second of their lives from now on, the loss and the questions.  Why did no one help?   The heartbreak of what friends he did have, even those who cared but couldn’t risk showing it for their own fear of becoming the target.   One last group who should feel heartbreak, but I wonder if they do.  The teachers he went to begging for help and the boys who bullied him daily and made his life a misery not worth living anymore.   When will some people understand?  Bullying is not a rite of passage to manhood.   It is not something that toughens boys into men.  It doesn’t make the ones doing it stronger or more manly and it sure doesn’t make the victim of it weak.   It is an insidious infection that rots the mind, body, and spirit of everyone, those who are the the victims, those who do it, those who allow it to go on unchecked, and those who read about the suffering and loss.   I wonder if the teachers did not intervene because it was a religious school and they were trying to get the boy to act in a different way.  If so they should ask themselves if the deity they worship supports the torture of children.  If so, they should seriously think of leaving that religion, for it surely is not holy.  Sad hugs 


  1. Hi Scottie;
    I’m glad you posted this.
    The concept of “toughening the kid up” only has ANY merit at all when you also provide the healing that MUST come with. For example: for a time in my younger days I enjoyed lifting weights. I was never very good at the whole thing, but I enjoyed the results. When a person works a particular muscle set very hard, the muscle fibers are exhausted, slightly torn, sometimes outright abused. It is really important to follow that with nutrition, stretching, and time off to heal. If a person immediately works those same muscle sets he destroys whatever gains may have been made and only further tears down good muscle. Soon a person has crippled himself through over work and stress.
    When teasing, taunting and abuse are a daily event, when a person never gets the chance to recover and is actually find strength, all those bullies are doing is destroying their victim. And yes, those words were used deliberately. Dealing with the difficulties that life brings us is part of growing up, but never getting the chance to become stronger is a pure failure of the support structure that the school is supposed to be. These schools are supposed to be a place of education and training for our young people to grow and become great. They are not gladiator academies where collateral damage and death is acceptable.
    I want to pull each and every one of those teachers and administrators into a room and ask them just what the fuck is wrong with their heads and hearts.

    Many hugs, my brother.

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    Comment by randy — August 14, 2016 @ 10:37

    • Well said Randy, very well said. Thank you. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — August 14, 2016 @ 14:21

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