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August 29, 2016

African American Christian Rants On Homosexuality (RE: Sexual Perversion and Homosexuality) – YouTube

Filed under: Atheism, Homosexual, Questions, Reason, Religion — Scottie @ 17:21

Wow I am so glad this guy’s video is worth the effort.  This is my forth attempt to grab this video and post it on my blog.  I am doing this because I think the post is well worth hearing.  I loved it.  Now if you got an email on the first three attempts that are now deleted and into the trash, you got my blurb on this .   If not here is my take.   The gentleman is well spoken, smart, well versed in the material and fun to listen to. That is the condensed version of what I wrote in three paragraphs before.  Please give it a listen.  I would hate to think I went to such lengths and no one even wanted to hear it , much less listen to the entire thing and comment.  I will say this.  I have spent all day listening to his stuff, different subjects and at different times in his life.   He is smart and well educated, easy to listen to and has topics that are interesting.   Now that I just waded through four years of his videos to find this one so I can share it , I can see many many more of his I want to watch.  Be well, be happy, let me know what you think.   Loves and hugs.


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