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September 1, 2016

Son had 36 bruises; mom quoted Bible as defense

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I have often opposed these religious freedom laws that let parents neglect, starve, harm,  refuse medical treatment, and in some even kill their children all in the name of their religion.  I have mentioned that had these laws been around when I was growing up the ones who abused me could have used them.  They wouldn’t have been forced to move three times in six months and keep me out of school for those months.  They could have proudly stood their ground and said they were beating me senseless to save my soul.   I feel so angry for those children suffering because of a caregiver’s delusion that they will get into heaven. I read one “parent” say that they did not mind their young son dying when they refused to get him medical care because they knew he was in heaven with their god.   A state politician said that  government had no right to interfere with a parent’s right to insure that their children go to heaven even if it brings harm to the child as that was god’s will.  Sick.   Hugs

Indiana woman cites the state’s religious freedom law as defense in felony child abuse case.

Source: Son had 36 bruises; mom quoted Bible as defense

excerpts below:

Two days later, a teacher patted the boy on the back and saw him flinch, according to court records. The teacher saw red welts on the boy and reported the observations to police and child welfare officials.

A doctor at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health found 36 bruises across the boy’s back, thigh and left arm. Three photographs submitted to the court show deep purple lines striping the boy’s back and several welts on his arm. The boy has one curved bruise on his cheek in the shape of a hook on a coat hanger.

A doctor counted 36 bruises on Kin Park Thaing's 7-year-old

In 2008, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled 3-1 to overturn the felony conviction of Sophia Willis, who used a belt or an electrical cord to discipline her 11-year-old son. (The mom said belt, the son said cord; the court ruled it did not matter.)

The justices in that decision gave parents wide latitude in determining what is reasonable discipline for their children. Hitting kids with a belt or an electrical cord is not much different from using a coat hanger, said Jennifer Drobac, professor at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, who has taught the Willis decision in classes on juvenile law.


  1. Scottie,
    This kind of thing makes me sick. to. my. stomach. Some of the stories on Homeschoolers Anonymous are graphic ones of abuse like this, whose parents used tactics taken right out of the book by that odious Michael Pearl – To Train Up a Child. I’m telling you, it’s really criminal the way some of those kids were treated in their own ‘loving’ homes. Ugh.
    Every time someone posts stories about this, I like to think that it’s that person’s way of saying, “We are not going to forget this happened to you. It shouldn’t have and we are sorry.” Kind of like saying, “You deserve better and you matter”. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by carmen — September 1, 2016 @ 15:20

    • Hello Carmen. As long as there are people like you these children have a chance. As you keep showing that wonderful love you share with your family it is a bright beacon for all abused kids. You care, you are motivated, you make a difference. Thank you. I will talk about these children, the hurt and harm they suffer as long as I can. It is the human thing to do. We need to inform everyone what these laws do, the harm they put children in. The whole idea of training babies to stay on a blanket by hurting them is not raising your child to grow up normal, well adjusted, inquisitive and functioning adults. It causes incredible distress in the minds and emotions of these babies and young people. The adults they become suffer from mental and emotional problems. For the beaten kids it leaves lifelong physical problems. I put myself in that category, I have these problems. I have to deal with them. There is no reason any more children should have to deal with them. Especially not for a made up mythical invisible sky king. If you are willing to harm your child to please or gain the pleasure of anyone, especially a made up pretend supernatural being, that should disqualify you from raising any children. It should be written right on the birth certificate. being willing to harm or place in harm this child and they will be taken away from you !

      I thank you and all the people who keep attention focused on these issues. It helps, it teaches, it gives hope, and it gives strength to those who will report the abuse. It might even make a church leader think hard enough to say.. hey how about we stop hurting the kids. That will be a better thing to do. So thank you, and thank you for your friends and family who care. Many warm hugs.


      Comment by Scottie — September 1, 2016 @ 15:39

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