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September 23, 2016


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My wonderful and most grand husband never asks for anything for himself.  He always gives to others.  He about 6 months ago insisted I have wireless headphones so I did not hurt my self.  Yet he worked nights and used the Ipad to play the music he needed to sleep, and he fought the wired headphones.  Every attempt I made to get him wireless ones were met with the same thing.   “we can’t afford it, I am OK, I am doing fine, don’t need it” .

So tonight he has had only three hours sleep, because he came home from his night shift, went back out and grocery shopped for us.    After making lunch he finally laid down.   So a few minutes ago he asked me how to get music on his Ipad, an old one I want him to replace, and I did.  Then when I got his music for him he got out these old wired ear buds.  I told him he would kill himself trying to get around the kitchen with them.   Well he did not want to bother anyone with his music.  I gave him the wireless headphones he got for me.  I set it up and I am happy as all get out.  He is dancing around the kitchen, he is happy as a young person, just enthralled with the sound and having fun.   The things he gives to me he denies for himself.  This may impress on him he needs to do for himself a bit.  If not I will give him mine until he admits he loves them.   The grand thing is watching this 61 year old man dance around the kitchen, putting things away, and just enjoying life.  That is wonderful and grand!   Hugs


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