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October 27, 2016

Together .. and it was great

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So as many of you know, Ron and I have been together 26 plus years.   One of the reasons I think we have been together so long and do so well is we are best friends.  We love doing things together.  Often I will hear one of our friends say how do you do it, or they talk about problems relating with each other that Ron and I do not face.  One reason is we loving doing things together.   Yes each of us has our own interests the other doesn’t share.  However we both loving doing things the other is interest in together.   

So today was an example.  We got up early, got our sample ballots out.  Then I sat at the computers because they are my thing, Ron read me the names of the many people on the ballot for offices we did not have a clue about.  After we got it all down, with James making fun of us because his generation doesn’t vote, we went to town.   We went to our polling place first, but there was no parking, so we motored off to a local restaurant and had breakfast.  Then we went back to the polling place but it seemed busy, so decided we had all day to spend with each other, which is rare for us, and we headed out to do more errands.  After getting shoes for Ron and a new watch for me and some other small items I can’t even think of, we headed back to the polling place.  Got a handicapped parking place right by the door.   So me with my walker and Ron holding doors and being a gentleman, we went to vote.  We are proud of voting and take it seriously and enjoy doing it.   The polling place people were great with us both.  Seeing my situation they rushed to help me, got me checked in and sat down at a table.  Most voting is done standing up but that is too hard for me.  Once when they wouldn’t let me sit down, I pulled the whole table over on myself as my legs gave out during marking my ballot, and there was such an out cry I never had a problem since.  I guess it is on my record now that I need special help.  Everyone was great.  Ron got done before I did, and they let him stay beside me to help me even though it was technically not allowed.  He told them I would need help getting up and they let him stay beside me.  After we got our voting done we went home, but our fun continued.  Yesterday I had made a very very thick spaghetti sauce.   Too thick for spaghetti or baked ziti.  It was perfect for a lasagna.  I even made it with a chicken sausage instead of pork as Ron likes it better that way.  So this afternoon after our day out we made a lasagna together.  It was grand.  We made it, cooked it partially, went out for a walk with a grand friend, and came home and finished cooking it.   It was perfect.   I will take the leftover sauce and thin it down and we will make other things with it.  Here is pictures of us making it together and the result.  It is fun to do stuff together.  It keeps us close.   Love is wonderful.   Be well and happy.   Hugs




  1. I’m single but I like the idea of togetherness, and I definitely like the idea of lasagna. You’ve made me hungry!

    Comment by acflory — October 27, 2016 @ 23:36

    • 🙂 Thank you. I have to say the lasagna is great. This morning we made breakfast together. I took a saucepan, added about two inches of oil. I cubed up a bunch of potatoes. I deep fried them in the oil, Ron seasoned them. We had ham , potatoes, eggs, toast, tea, and cola. Ron is off to bed as he has to work tonight. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — October 28, 2016 @ 12:24

      • Oh! I wish you hadn’t told me about that. I just ate a bowl of muesli. -sigh-

        Comment by acflory — October 29, 2016 @ 09:07

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