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November 3, 2016

The Catholic Church’s Cruel Response to Assisted Suicide in Canada – YouTube

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I have worked in an I.C.U. in a large hospital system.  In the hospital I worked at they had five I.C.U.’s.  A medical one, an Open Heart one, a surgical one, and a small one that was in transition from nero to thoracic I.C.U. plus a pediatric one.  With the exception of the pediatric I.C.U. I have worked all those units, specializing in the surgical one.  I have seen patients die agonizing horrible deaths due to end of life issues.   I have also know people who choose to go to Hospice instead of hospitalisation.  Those who were going to die and were accepting of it fared far better in hospice.     They did not suffer any more than those in the hospital.   They were in calmer more natural situations.  Most important their lives were not needlessly and senselessly kept going for the minutes, hours, at most days, in which the patient suffered.  In some cases it was the patient’s choice to go to the hospital and that is proper, if you don’t want to die , no matter how hopeless your case maybe , you deserve to have the staff fight to provide you every opportunity to live.  However sometimes even when a patient is taking to a hospital the case is already hopeless and the body simply can not continue to live.  Again even in those cases if the patient wants to do everything possible I support their right to get the care and treatment that may give them that option.   In the cases where a patient has the facts, know they are terminal, and decide they don’t want to face the pain and issues of resuscitation, other options should be available.  Sadly it is often the family that block such efforts to provide a comfortable end to such patients.   I knew one poor woman who was kept alive for days suffering incredibly.  Her lungs were destroyed, she couldn’t breath.  Her lungs had no ability to exchange air, to her every moment was suffocation.  Nothing could be done to keep life sustaining oxygen being transferred from her lungs to her body.  It couldn’t happen.  She was going to die, yet was kept alive in agony for  two days because her husband couldn’t let her go.   She beg us to let her go to not resuscitate her.  However at the point they come to the I.C.U. a patient is considered to be in a condition to not be able to address their own needs if a family member can state their wishes.  It is little more complicated than that but if you get a doctor who for religious beliefs is adamant that all measures be taken even if the patient doesn’t want it, if they can find even a remote relative that asks for all measures to be done, they will push to go with all measures.  I felt we were torturing this lady just so her husband could put off his own grief of saying good bye , of admitting his wife was dead.  It was resolved when our director asked him to stay on the last time out of multiple times she coded and was resuscitated.   He seen the toll it takes on the patient, the damage to the body that resuscitating a patient can do to them.  It is not like on TV where they charge paddles and give a few shocks and the patient then starts breathing and is alive again.  Bones can be and often are broken, ribs broken can damage the other organs like lungs,  damage done the body, drugs administered that are a serious problem, organ failure and brain damage can easily result.  In this case the husband watched what was being done to his wife’s body and begged all of us to stop.  He had not known.   I and Ron have already said in written documents we don’t want such efforts if our conditions are to such an extent.  If we are in an end of life state we prefer hospice care.  Go out with dignity and peace.  Ron and I both believe in euthanasia or doctor assisted suicide after what we have seen and lived through in the time we worked in I.C.U.’s.    Be safe and well, but be happy with your life, think carefully how you want the end of your life to be.  IF you don’t, someone else will decided for you, and you may not like the way they do decide it.   Hugs



  1. The only hospital in my town is a Catholic one. Since I’m in my latter years, this concerns me greatly.

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    Comment by Robert A. Vella — November 3, 2016 @ 15:31

    • after what I learned about the many hospitals in Catholic control it scares me also. The thing tha tmost forget is what if they are on a trip, get ill or injured in a place that has only a Catholic hospital and can’t get their directives honored, their spousal commitments honored because of religious doctrine. I have told the story of a deeply religious Catholic doctor in our ICU. Every year he went to the Vatican. He talked about how tight he was with the local bishops, and how the church respected him. We had a gay man hospitalised , his husband had certain requests. Against hospital policy, this doctor refused to acknowledge the same sex husband as the next of kin. He refused to answer questions, tried to exclude him from the morning meetings of the patients. He spent hours of the day on the phone trying to find other family of the man and then when he found a distant relative took their medical consent over the gay man and his same sex husband. I listened to him and reported him. He did this in open view of everyone thinking he was beyond reproach. He simply was not going to agree to acknowledge a same sex marriage. The hospital stepped in and told him legally he had to accept it, he had to do as the husband wanted, had to include him into the daily patient rounds.. and the doctor said no. He then refused the case. Took himself off it rather than deal with a same sex husband and marriage. Luckily there was another ICU trained doctor who could step up and did. Our unit and the hospital was stuck in a horrible spot, and so were the two gay married guys. So we had to have two patient rounds, one for the religious catholic doctor and his Patients and one for the separate patient and his doctor. It cost all of us and made the same sex couple very aware they were being treated differently. Everyone in the unit knew what was happening, but no one could do anything about it, because it was the doctors “sincerely held religious beliefs”. That is what we are headed to as the Catholic organization has found out the way to get their way in medical care is to buy up all the hospitals they can get to. Their goal is to control all health care in the USA. That is true, and it scares me silly. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — November 3, 2016 @ 15:47

      • What disgusting and unethical behavior by that doctor! He should’ve been reprimanded by the medical profession at the very least. And yes, I agree, they are trying to control all healthcare in the U.S.

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        Comment by Robert A. Vella — November 3, 2016 @ 18:09

  2. The Katlick Church: Fuck ’em!

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    Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — November 3, 2016 @ 19:04

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