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November 4, 2016

Sexism, Politics, and Voting For Hillary

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Very well said! I wish everyone could read and understand this. I have tried to engage anti-clinton people. I ask them why they dislike her. The answers I always get are the disproved and debunked lies of the far right. The misleading stuff they hear on Fox News. When I point out facts, they don’t want to hear it. When I offer proof they won’t even look at it. They simply dismiss it, wouldn’t even engage on it. As soon as their narrative is not agreed with they close down. It is a very sad commentary on our country. This is what we get when we make thinking a crime in our country, when education is under attack as somehow wrong. I have just been listening to some of the Trump supporters who “want their country back” and it is clear what they want is a majority white country. They talk of taking the country back to “the good old days” when they were young and the country was only one language and there was less “brown influence”. They talk constantly of how the country is changing and on the wrong track, we are losing our culture, and all the other code words. A lot of this is fear from white christians that they won’t be the majority any moore. That they won’t get to oppress others as they have been allowed to in the past. No they don’t want to have to accept gay people, same sex marriage, hearing different languages, seeing anything not christian displayed on government lands, the stopping of taxpayer money given to churches, the not enforcing christianity in schools, the having to accept other religions prayers at government meetings, clubs in schools that have christian clubs that are not supportive of the accepted christian viewpoint. Thirty years of investigations have not found one charge against the clintons that has resulted in criminal prosecution. No charges in any court. Yet according to these people she is guilty, proven and convicted, guilty they know it. So very sad. Hugs

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