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November 9, 2016

Some Chicken Soup

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I am heart sick. I am worried. Yes for the country as a whole but for myself and my family personally. I worry that the rights I and my husband have gotten after a lifetime of working and wanting could be taken away. I worry laws will be enacted making it legal to treat us unfairly, to deny us everything from healthcare to housing. I worry that if on vacation we will be denied the same things straight couples get without a thought. I am worried that we won’t be able to move forward for protections of rights we need right now and don’t have. So many more things I could name, but basically I see the progressive movement halted and reversed for at least four more years. I like this post. I hope it helps some of my readers. It has in some ways helped me. I did not even want to get up this morning. I am not sure how it happened or how to fight back. But fight back we must. Again this is a great post. Please go to the web site and read the whole thing. Hugs

The Professor's Convatorium

It might be a tiny consolation to intelligent college-degreed Americans that tRump did not win decisively the U.S. popular vote Nov. 8th. As of 12:45pm CST it was 48% to 48%. But that will not change what has begun happening for the next 4-years.

Let me first preface my initial thoughts. I am a political Independent who thoroughly evaluates ALL candidates and their background, experience, and track-record. I pay no attention to public campaigns and even less attention to the media-TV propaganda circus. Using websites like and other non-profit 501(c)(3) nonprofit nonpartisan public charities that provide well-sourced pro, con, and related research enabling what I think are very well-informed decisions. That said…

If you thought Hillary Clinton’s blunders in Washington D.C. were indications of serious character flaws for the Oval Office or how well or poorly to handle affairs in our nation’s capitol, on Capitol Hill, and out in…

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  1. I was worrying about you today. I actually did not get up and face the world, I rang in to work and asked if I could come in a half day as I would be crying for several hours. I’ve had so many sad posts from people here, and on FB. My dad is elderly, he thinks he will be left to die in pain. His wife asked if they can move here. My friend’s 12 year old adopted daughter thinks she will be sent back to China. My son is getting my grandson a passport just in case. My sister wrote in a diary to her daughter, that she has been keeping since her birth, an apology.
    Be safe, be well. We will fight this.

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    Comment by heretherebespiders — November 9, 2016 @ 16:52

  2. It’s going to get very bad. When Obamacare is repealed, I’ll be without healthcare insurance once again.

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    Comment by Robert A. Vella — November 9, 2016 @ 17:46

    • I am sorry. I know I used it after I couldn’t work, until we were allowed to get married and I could be on my husbands plan. I was very happy with the care and the plan I had. I just hope there will be an uprising of such anger they have to do something. IF not when the next Dem gets the office maybe we can go single payer. Be well. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — November 9, 2016 @ 17:49

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