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November 12, 2016

Oh what a great talk

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OK I was upset and getting ready to try to clean the kitchen dishes and do the laundry James had asked me to do, when the most wonderful thing happened.   The reason I had said I would do James Laundry is he wanted to bring people home with him, and I was not up for that.  I don’t mind James having his friends here, however he understands I have issues.  I have issues with people in my home I don’t know due to my child hood abuse, ( I am OK once I know them, I am really OK if Ron is there with me. )  I have issues with with my home not being well kept and people seeing it.  So when James said he would be home very soon with two friends and while Ron was taking his shower and getting ready for work, I got upset.  So I told James I would do his laundry, if when he came home to  please keep his friends in his room ( he has a separate access to the house which we wanted.)  So James brought all his laundry out and he and his friends left.    Ron got ready for work and he left.  I started to get ready, as hard as it was for me to stand, to do James laundry and to clean up the kitchen and do all the dishes.   So I got my IPad out, set up the show I wanted to watch while I did dishes, and got our bluetooth speaker out.   Then as I got set up to do the dishes I got the grandest gift.

A great friend from Ireland, known as Here There Be Spiders, ( which as anyone who knows me knows I am terrified of spiders ) Called me on facetime.   This is a lady I love and admire.  I respect her and her family , her husband , her cats, I can not say enough how much I love her talks with me.  IF she called when I was in the shower or the middle of my night I would take her call.  If I needed someone to be a superhero to kick the tush of any villain in my life I would ask for her.

So as I was getting ready to do dishes she rang in  ( to all others who are nice and kind and grand like her, feel free to facetime me ) I had a grand time talking to her.  I never realized how much time had passed until the end. I loved our talk.  We talked about how she had helped me today, how depressed I was, and how things were going in her life.  I never realised how grand facetime could be.  I loved our talk!  I would love to talk with her more and also others who would like to talk.

Earlier today I was about to go into the worst depression I can.  I was struggling to even get out of bed.  Yet today online she not only gave me insight but also kicked my butt out of feeling bad for myself.   So I first read my friend’s great posts and comments, then I heard her talk to me on her comments. It was more than therapeutic, it was uplifting and really day starting.  I got up from being sad and upset to being determined to do new things.  She was so great for me to talk to I can not even describe how much she helped me.  She is a grand lady!   Be well, be Happy, may you all have a friend like this lady.   Hugs




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