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November 13, 2016

Trump and U.S. National Security

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Nan is an author I fully respect and enjoy. Her well reasoned post often get me to think on things I wouldn’t have otherwise. This is one. Sadly it adds to my other well founded fears of a tRump presidency. I know I have to stop asking the question of why so many of my fellow country people have such anger at others different from them,and worry more about what the new administration will do. Also I need to become ready to oppose it and to reasonably refute it. I need to add my voice to a more progressive future. I hope you will join me in that endeavor. Hugs

Nan's Notebook

When the Orange Monster (OM) takes office, he’s going to have a LOT of responsibilities. Probably more than he realizes. (After all, he’s mostly a snake oil salesman whose talents are pretty much limited to negotiations related to putting his name on buildings and buying up real estate … so he can add his name to more places. Oh, and figuring out ways to avoid paying taxes.)

One of his biggest responsibilities is related to U.S. National Security. As his campaign rhetoric has illustrated, tRump knows little to nothing in this area. What makes this especially frightening is that in his role as POTUS, he will have almost unlimited powers over the military and, even more frightening, contingency plans to use nuclear weapons.

According to this article by Bob Woodward, the OM will soon begin receiving briefings on U.S. intelligence capabilities andthe most sensitive top-secret operations. (I can’t help but wonder…

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