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November 16, 2016

Nacho your President

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I love this. I wish I could have written it as well as the author did. I also wish I had the Nachos but not the Whip Cream. 🙂 This is a great read and so true. I feel the same way. After the election I went to bed for three or four days . I couldn’t do my blog, concentrate, I just couldn’t believe what had happened and I was so upset over it. Now I am going to fight back. I may not make a difference but I have a voice and a platform. I will use it as I have seem others I admire use theirs. Hugs


With the election of Donald Trump aka Cheeto Jesus, this has been a really crappy week in the United States.  Never in my 57 years on this planet, have I seen the fear among our citizens from this monster.  He’s already tapped his children to be on his transition team.  He wants to surround himself with lobbyists, which is a really, really bad thing.  Nothing good will come from this president.

People have been protesting all over the country. I can barely wrap my head around the fact this racist, sexist, infantile pig is now the leader of the free world.  How did we get here?  I know many people felt as though they were being left behind. I believe that many in our country couldn’t stand the fact that a strong, highly capable woman was going to be in charge.

He got elected mainly by uneducated middle aged white…

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