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November 17, 2016

The Trump Election: A Postmortem of Nov. 8

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I have read a lot of post election analysis. However few point out the important things this post does. Most center on what groups voted for what reasons. However this shows the democratic limitations of the electoral college vrs the popular vote. It also points out the effect of gerrymandering. I hope in the future both things can be looked at and solutions implemented. Hugs

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Image courtesy of Stockvault. Image courtesy of Stockvault.

Although it’s been only just over a week since the election, I think that there’s been enough time to gather some useful information about what happened. Even now, some narratives about the election are getting spun which paint things in different lights without full facts to support them. This neglects the bigger picture of what happened and what’s going on. Yes, Mr. Trump will be the 45th U.S. President, but he will have done it without the benefit of having more votes than Ms. Clinton. That in itself highlights some concerns that I also think are being neglected.

First off, the useful information.
I found this article at Pew Research which went into the different demographics of people who voted for which candidate. Some of the results were surprising (like most older white women voted for Mr. Trump than Ms. Clinton). Other results weren’t shocking (like…

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