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November 21, 2016

Toxic Reaction to Insect or Spider Venom-Topic Overview

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I asked Ark if a person with allergies to insects would have a worse time with a spider bite.   I know my adoptive mother would have huge swellings and get serious reactions caused by sensitivity to any type of mosquito, gnat, black fly, or other small flying bugs.   Ark suggested I look it up and I thought that was a great idea.   Ron is also going to ask the doctors and care providers he works with what they know about allergies and spider bites.   Below is what I found on webMD.   So I guess the answer is it depends on the person, the insect, and on what sensitives a person has.   SO like while I will have an allergic reaction to a bee sting, I may not have any worse reaction to a spider bite than a person not allergic to bee stings.  I have to laugh, like so many things in life it seems the answer is only known when the event happens, if it happens at all.   I am sure at some point I have had a spider bite and not even known what it was.  Not that I want to test the theory.

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Bites and stings from insects (bees, wasps, yellow jackets) and spiders usually cause pain, swelling, redness, and itching at the site of the sting or bite. In some people, especially children, the redness and swelling may be worse and last up to a few days.  A few people have severe reactions to the toxin injected by the insect or spider. A toxic reaction occurs when insect or spider venom acts like a poison in the body. This type of reaction can occur from one bite or sting from a highly toxic insect or spider, or from multiple bites or stings from insects or spiders not normally considered poisonous.  Symptoms of a toxic reaction vary depending on the insect or spider, the toxicity of the venom, and the amount of venom injected. Most often, symptoms improve or go away within 48 hours. Although hives and difficulty breathing may occur in an allergic reaction, these symptoms will not occur in a toxic reaction. It is possible to have both a toxic reaction and an allergic reaction at the

Source: Toxic Reaction to Insect or Spider Venom-Topic Overview


  1. As you note: depends on the individual. And now you know!

    Comment by Arkenaten — November 21, 2016 @ 13:45

    • Yup. Thanks. Be well. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — November 21, 2016 @ 13:49

    • In seriousness, what the research as little as it was showed me is to not be as scared of a spider bite. The fangs may seem really scary but the chances of them really causing me a life health problem are extremely small. It does help with mot reacting so scared of them. they still look icky though. 🙂 Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — November 21, 2016 @ 13:52

  2. I have a toxic reaction to the midges here. They are so tiny I usually don’t see them, but the bite swells like crazy and itches for days – usually I scratch until I bleed! Pretty sure I’ve never had a spider bite. But mosquitoes, bees, wasps, fire ants by the hundreds, horseflies…never a reaction like the tiny midges!

    Comment by heretherebespiders — November 21, 2016 @ 15:41

    • The article I read said it is all based on chemistry of the person. No two people react the same. Also no one reacts the same to different insects. In fact I am allergic to several different types of bugs, but I have never been tested for spiders. I wonder how they determine the types of of insects to test? Anyway I am reassured. A spider bite may be painful, but it won’t be deadly. As long as I have access to medical attention. I am very sorry for your reaction to Midges. I wish I could help. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — November 21, 2016 @ 15:52

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