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December 3, 2016

A crock pot set I really like.

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I really like this.  It would make getting suppers and snack stuff ready much easier.  I am trying to talk Ron into get this as a joint christmas gift.   Hugs

The Crock-Pot Swing and Serve Slow Cooker combines entertaining, cooking and serving flexibility with space-saving convenience. Prepare three different appetizers at once for a spectacular party spread, or cook a complete meal for your family, including a main dish and two side items, all in one versatile appliance. This unique slow cooker includes two 1.5-quart crocks on the top level, plus one larger 3.5-quart crock at the base. The elevated design allows you to cook and serve three dishes at once, while saving space on your countertop. Each of the crocks can be independently operated to cook on either high or low heat, or set to keep foods warm. The upper crocks swing apart for easy serving, and can be folded together for more compact storage. There is even a centralized utensil holder caddy located on the base of the slow cooker for storing serving spoons or eating utensils.

Product Features:

  • Eliminates the clutter of different heating, cooking and serving devices
  • Unique pivoting arms swing open for serving and closed for storing
  • One 3.5-quart capacity slow cooker on the base level and two 1.5-quart capacity slow cookers on the upper level
  • Upper units have hinged lids for easy serving
  • 3 individual temperature controls to cook on high, low or warm heat separately in each unit
  • Cord wrap on the back of the unit
  • All stoneware and lids are removable for easy cleaning
  • Integrated utensil holder
  • Includes one 3.5-qt. crock, two 1.5-qt. crocks and instruction manual
  • Warranty: 1 year limited


  1. If I had ANY friends, I would get that! I have two crock pots. I use them a lot in the fall and winter; even though it is just the two of us.

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    Comment by somanyminutes — December 3, 2016 @ 19:52

    • I hope you soon make lots of friends, I know you will whereever you settle and have time for them. I had a huge 7 quart one we loved, but it cracked, so then we bought several that were two different sizes. But that is a pain to juggle. So the main one we use now is one that has a locking top for carrying to other places. However we like to do multiple things at one time, so normally we have to get many post going and the new huge toaster oven and the stove all going at once. This would solve some problems. My problem is I showed Ron, he likes it , he loves it, but he always has to think things over when spending money. He will fret and worry it like a dog with a bone for a week, and then after the sale is off decide we should have it. Then he will be upset that the sale is off and we will buy it at full price because now he feels we need it. Happens all the time and my trying to change it is silly. it is who he is. and it is good for us, as I am too quick to buy, he is too slow to. We balance out most times. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — December 3, 2016 @ 20:00

      • Funny. My husband is SO you; and if truth be told; I am too. I am working on that, though. I need to be a bit more like Ron. 🙂

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        Comment by somanyminutes — December 3, 2016 @ 20:03

        • Thank you, a grand compliment. I wanted to be like Ron for a long time until something dawned on me. Ron doesn’t love me because I may become more like him. Ron does love me because I am me. I just had to find out the best me and be that. Turns out what I had tried to not be all so many years was what I was and made me happy. I am sad I wasted so many years being what I was not, and trying to hide what I was. Now I am much happier, and we are much closer , because I see what he always did see, and he let me find it on my own. Be well. I think the world of you and I think your husband must be grand. Hugs

          Liked by 1 person

          Comment by Scottie — December 3, 2016 @ 20:19

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