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December 6, 2016

Ron’s tree, Our Christmas

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I love the displays at christmas.  I love the lights.  I love the decorations.   I really don’t care about presents as I never really got much, and if it was anything good it was taken away.   I do love the lights and displays as the people I grew up with went all out.  They won yearly awards for the displays they put up.  Seems that they wanted the world to see how great they were, and so maybe they could hide the ugliness underneath.   Ron grew up in a large family of love and so christmas is special to him.  

When ron came to realize what the season meant to me and what I took the joy in, he switched from trying to give me presents to making the displays as wonderful as possible.   Even when money was short he made it grand.   No matter if we had a large home or when we lived in the RV he made sure it was decorated up.   Today that is what is most important to me.  I need no presents , even though I know he buys a few small things for me, because throughout the year if I want something , he gets it for me if he can.  The same as I do him.  I would rather have what we want or need when we need or want it than wait a whole year to get it after we no longer care or the need has passed.   But the displays are always appreciated and wonderful.  

Ron and I like nontraditional ornaments.   We often took trips to places where we could go to christmas shops to get the unusual or offbeat ornaments.   One of the greatest joys of our repeated trips to Busch Gardens theme park was to stop on the way out at the christmas shop and get a few ornaments for the next display.   Ron started setting all his stuff up right after thanksgiving but I wanted to get all the ornaments and things before posting his tree.  This really is Ron’s post.  His tree.   James came to me and said ” Ron really is proud of his tree” and I replied ” he deserves to be!”  I had ron take the photos as it is his tree and he deserves the credit.  He thought I should do it as he thinks I take them better.   I wanted this to be his, his moment to shine, his total triumph.   So we went over the pictures together and some we got rid of.  Some we kept.  Some are a bit blurry because Ron shakes a bit, but he did a great job trying hard to keep still.  Some we couldn’t get because they have globes around them that reflected every try to make them come out right.  This is just the tree, I will post the small display he did this year on the outside another time.  One year he did the whole yard for me, but this year he scaled it back as I can’t really go out much to see it.   So here is the wonderful tree my loving grand husband put up for me.  Two things I should mention.  We always try to get an ornament to represent the four legged tailed friends who have come into our lives, so that is the cat pictures and a few that represent what the meant to us not what they looked like.  We couldn’t find our greyhound ornament to show the greyhound we rescued.   Second all ornaments on the bottom and most on the first layer are made of materials that the cats can play with and not get hurt.  And they do.  We started this because if you see the black and white cat with wings ornament, that is George, a cat we rescued and he would every night take all the ornaments off the lower levels pile them up under the tree in a nice pile, in the morning Ron would go and put then all back.  Then the next night it would happen all over again.   Wonderful memories.  To see the pictures full size click on them.   Loves and  Hugs


  1. Terrific tree. Love the Topo Gigio ornament.

    Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — December 6, 2016 @ 15:16

    • Thank you. Ron works hard on it and loves it. He has tens of plastic storage boxes with trays and separators for each ornament and he only uses part of them each year. He could put up four trees. Thanks again. Hugs

      Comment by Scottie — December 6, 2016 @ 15:21

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