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December 13, 2016

Man Says Trump Gave Him Permission to Scream Homophobic Tirade in LGBT-Friendly Church: WATCH – Towleroad

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I have been worried about this for a long time.  I know that not all people feel this way, but the threat is real.  There are people I know who now feel empowered to act on their bigotry and hate.   I am reading reports of kids doing it in schools, even elementary schools.  I have read about people doing it on the blogs, and even right out in public streets.   We have all seen the videos of angry drivers yelling racial and ethnic slurs out the windows of their vehicle.  I even got sent a meme right after the election that threatened me as a gay man.  So it is real, and it is dangerous.  We need everyone who supports all of us targeted groups to speak up and we are very grateful for the help.  Be watchful, please be safe.   Hugs

A Tempe, Arizona man stormed into an LGBT-friendly church screaming homophobic abuse last week, saying he had permission from President-elect Donald Trump.

Source: Man Says Trump Gave Him Permission to Scream Homophobic Tirade in LGBT-Friendly Church: WATCH – Towleroad

Excerpts below:

 A man stopped by the Tempe Community Christian Church office this morning on a rant about the rainbow flag we have in the cross tower. Keeley Bruner, our office administrator, had to field his attack because I was on a conference call. The man was using inflammatory, graphic language about gay people and his “righteous” hatred for them. He threatened to pay people to protest in front of our church.

He said that he was not above spreading lies about pedophilia in our church. He told Keeley that if Hillary had won he would have driven right on by, but since Trump won he felt empowered to speak and act out because the country agrees with him

I also ask you to pray for our nation. We are in a new and very uncertain political world, post-truth and post-civility. Some feel that they have been given permission to speak and act in hateful and cruel ways. Pray that there will be leaders in our community and our nation who will not tolerate hate, threats and violence.

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