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December 25, 2016

Spondylolysis of the L5-S1.

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In my last post about my new test results I left out this part ” spondylosis at L5-S1. This also appears worse when compared to the study of 5/18/2015″  because I was not sure what it means.    Looked it up.  Here is what it says. 

Spondylolysis is a bony defect (commonly due to a stress fracture but it may be a congenital defect) in the pars interarticularis of the vertebral arch, separating the dorsum of the vertebra from the centrum. It may occur unilaterally or bilaterally.

Well they did say my spine was getting worse.   I wonder what we will have to do now?  I already get monthly shots.  The doctors don’t think an operation will help me, as one orthopedic doctor said “if they start cutting it maybe they will have to go in every few years and cut some more”.  

Lastly I know I have damaged vertebrae and ruptured discs, some discs gone, some vertebrae affecting nerves, and lots of other back stuff.  Mostly they think the trauma of the abuse growing up is causing my bone problems today.    

The important thing and this I have to remind myself and I would share with you.  I have a good life all things considered .     Yes I get down sometimes, But I really do have it better than most people in my position.    I have a wonderful health care for the most part.  I love the lady I see at the pain clinic who also is doubling right now as my bone doctor.  Her team is grand and she is so great.   I have a wonderful spouse who gives me as much as anyone can, keeps me fed, clothed, safe, and loved.   He takes me anywhere I want to go and treats me like a princess of the castle.  I have two cats that stay with me and give me love and comfort.  I also have a grand group of people I have met online, yes all of you are wonderful, and I am so grateful for each of you.   I learn so much, I get to share your life and interests and you even care about mine.   So I have to remember I have it rather good in life.  I need to laugh instead of cry, as it is not helpful to cry all the time.   But it is a good feeling to laugh.   I like to bring joy to both others and to myself.   Hugs


  1. You are blessed my friend! Great people around you!

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    Comment by omtatjuan3 — December 26, 2016 @ 05:09

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