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January 3, 2017

Passenger arrested after United Airlines flight to San Francisco diverts to Auckland – Business – NZ Herald News

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It saddens me it was a person from the USA who did this.  It use to be these people mostly kept their dislike of others to themselves, unless in groups promoting their lifestyle.   Now they feel emboldened by the tRump administration and the chief bigot, tRump.  Hugs

A man was arrested after it was claimed he had a racist rant onboard a United Airlines flight bound for San Francisco, which led to it being diverted to Auckland. The New Year’s Day flight, which originated…

Source: Passenger arrested after United Airlines flight to San Francisco diverts to Auckland – Business – NZ Herald News

Except below:

One passenger seated three to four rows in front of him said the situation escalated from there with the man, a Caucasian, turning on the attendants who tried to intervene.

“The rant progressed from cursing Indians to Asians to Muslims to non-whites in general and calling flight crew f****** and fat asses,” he said. “He was subdued after the pilot announced the diversion to Auckland.

“When the flight landed in Auckland he was told to co-operate when police removed him or he would face additional charges.

“Passengers took cellphone video of his removal and he called them f****** as he passed them.”

Another passenger said the man “exploded into a fit of rage” 40 minutes into the flight.

He said the man then proceeded to launch into “offensive language, racial and sexist slurs” and began to grab soda off the cart and demanded beer.

Another video shows the man, more subdued, being escorted off the plane.

Another passenger described seeing him not long after “making calls, trying to lawyer up”.

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