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January 17, 2017

Kenneth Zeichner: Why Betsy DeVos is Unfit to be Secretary of Education

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Thank you for posting this. I have a friend who wrote me this morning very upset that she wanted to use public schools to usher in the kingdom of God. So not only does she want to destroy public schools by taking all the funding from them and giving it to charter schools and voucher programs, she also wants to force her religion into all schools. She wants to force all children to study her religion and only hers. Regardless if the child’s family shares her faith or not. She wants to get teacher lead prayers back into schools. She is a big supporter of intelligent design, which is another way of saying creationism. Do to lax regulation of charter schools many do not provide a good education. Some don’t even have accredited teachers. There have been many horror stories online about them. She has gotten her way for a long time and she will expect to get her way now. So what if the laws say it is illegal to do, she will try. Our children will suffer and the entire country will be less educated.

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Kenneth Zeichner is Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Washington. He writes here why Betsy DeVos should not be approved for Secretary of Education.

Betsy DeVos is thoroughly unqualified for the job of Secretary of Education. She has never attended a public school, sent her children to public schools, taught or worked in a public school district or a state education agency, overseen public education as a governor or governor’s aide, or studied the field of education. There has never been a more unqualified nominee for U.S. Secretary of Education in the history of the Department of Education.

The DeVos family’s has donated millions of dollars over the years to education causes through groups like the American Federation for Children and contributions to pro-“choice” political candidates to privatize public schools and turn their management over to corporations or religious groups. In Michigan, where DeVos has focused most of…

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