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February 13, 2017

Facts about Standing Rock protest

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I think this is an important issue for everyone, not just the native people or the non-native people in the area. I really don’t understand several things. The power this company seems to have over the local government and the police is one of the biggest worries for me. Police are to protect the people not a company’s profits. They are paid by the taxpayers, not the corporation. The actions of the police seem blatantly illegal meaning the police have a secondary interest that is more important to them than upholding the law is. I also question how a court order is not being obeyed and why the police are not enforcing a valid court order? This is an attack on the rule of law and the public order. I also think the issues of Tribal rights, Native lands, and the treaties that courts have already ruled to be in effect are legal contracts. Again this goes to the local government as to why they are not enforcing valid legal contracts. It seems to be a case of open blatant discrimination and bigotry. I think cable news coverage has been both lacking and in the case of Fox at least, extremely biased. I have posted on my Toy Box the abuse of children and others at standing rock, and I have posted links to and actual videos of these events. I think it is both critical that people know these abuses are happening and people en masse rise up to prevent them for continuing. Thank you. Hugs


1)The pipeline was moved once. When Bismarck ND residents complained it would be too close to their water supply. It was moved away from their water supply and directly under the Standing Rock water supply.

2)The lake Oahe was flooded when the army Corp of engineers built the Oahe Dam. 200,000 acres were lost of tribal territory underwater. The very territory they are trying to put the pipeline under now. Sovereign native territory!

3)Ft Laramie treaty was found by the supreme court in 1980 to be:

a.Still in force and enforceable

b.To have been violated time and time again including the flooding and forced relocation of the Lake Oahe area.

4)The Lakota and Dakota were offered more than a billion dollars compensation which was refused to maintain land rights and claims to land under the Ft Laramie treaty instead.

5)This has nothing to…

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