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February 22, 2017


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I have been recently reading and responding to a really enjoyable blog called   CHRONICLES OF AN ANGLO SWISS at .

This morning she had a grand post about routine and the effects of having it disrupted.  I found that to be so correct and so much a part of my life I was inspired to write a post of my morning and the disruption of my routine.  

For those who are not aware I am disabled by muscle / nerve / bone problems and also several syndromes and a few simply named ones like anemia.    The descriptions take longer than the names.  I can not remember a lot of stuff due to both the problems I have and the medications I must take.  Poor Ron has the unthankful job of either reminding me, correcting me when I get it wrong or seeing that I understand my requirements, medications, and the times and dosages.   There are other things he has to remind me of or remember for me But I forget.  🙂

My normal morning routine is to wake about 6:30 in the morning.  I think take the six non pain morning medications I must take.   Then I go back to sleep until about 8 AM.  At that time I take my first set of pain medications : 2 types of Morphine’s, Baclofen muscle relaxers, 800 MG Ibuprofen, Tramadol.  I take these medications and then stay in bed for between 1 & 1/2 hours to 2 hours while they take affect.  During this time I use my IPad to read news, read books, watch TV shows or movies, and now that I have the new wonderful keyboard I do email and the blogs I follow daily.   I use to have them all bookmarked but I can’t seem to find where I had them all and so now I depend on the emails I get about new posts.   If I use to got to your blog and seems like I have not been there in a while that you have been posting, please drop me an email to let me know including the link to your blog.  Thanks.

Then the morning get ready stuff including Shave/Shower/Dress.   Make coffee in the kitchen then shuffle the few steps to my office.   There I turn on the computers, lights, light candles, give the cats treats and settle in.  First I set the video computer (24 inch HD screen, ) to the first of my many morning news shows, The daily show followed in order by Hardball, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, and lastly YouTube for all the channels I follow.  While they play I get my coffee now made and turn on twitter on the main computer ( 24 inch HD screen ) and start with my first few web sites I hit.  These are funny sites I don’t leave comments at.  The are mostly comics or opinion sites.  

Now I am on my second cup of coffee and ready to start my serious day of blogging.   I have come to depend on my email to send me to the blogs, and to tell me of comments.   I like to read the blogs, read the comments, make a comment, and setting the page to email me when new comments are made.  This takes time.  More emails come in than I can get to normal, but I am having fun and I really feel part of the community.   For me reading the blogs I get new information, I learn stuff.  Plus in the comments I feel I am part of the conversation, not just stuck in a room in my house all day most days.  I love it.  I will get sore and tired and feeling the effects of the medications I take all day.   SO sometimes I understand the pages well and can interact well.  Sometimes I get confused or totally misunderstand totally.  I recently had a conversation with a person on Arks blog I was getting frustrated with.  The person I was talking with was also getting frustrating.  I kept going back over what we both wrote to see what I was missing.  Then it hit me.  It dawned on me I at least was misreading what she was trying to say.  The meanings she was trying to convey using certain words I was get a different meaning reading those same words.  We were both hung up trying to get the other to see what was clear to each of us, but we were not understanding the word usage of the other, at least it seemed that way to me after trying to look at it carefully.  I said as much and then went to bed.    I never feel I have to be totally 100 percent correct and others always wrong.  That is silly.

So that is a basic rundown of my day.   I started this about routine and that is my basic routine for my day.   Now as to what happens when that is disrupted is like this morning.   I get frazzled and upset.  depending on how bad a disruption I get emotionally out of sorts.  This morning we had to go to the lawyers.   Plus I was late waking up.  I did not take my morning medications which caused me problems later in the morning.  I woke up late, started to read, and Ron woke up and told me we had to rush to get to the lawyers on time.  I had not had coffee, and my meds had not kicked in, so Ron made and brought me coffee before getting his shower.  As soon as he was done I went to get mine.  As I was drying off Ron told me we had about 10 minutes before we had to go.  I was upset. It takes me longer than that to get dressed and stuff.  But I hurried as fast as possible.  I was getting things wrong and forgetting things.  Thankfully Ron was calm and reminded me of what I needed.  He got me into the car and off we went.  I thought I was doing well, but I was already in a lot of pain.   Turns out I was more confused and unsettled than I thought.  First thing me and our lawyer got into an argument.  I felt she was being argumentative, which is normal for a lawyer.  I interrupted her, turned to Ron and asked him why she was being so argumentative, which set her off again.  Ron calmed both of us down.   She was just going to fast for me, and was not understanding my answers, I was not connecting what she was saying properly thinking she was trying to argue with me about everything when she was really trying to show me how the Judge would ask questions and what kind of answers he would expect.   This should go smooth but I really wish Ron could answer all the questions instead of me, but they have to hear me say I don’t remember or I don’t know before they can ask Ron.  By the time we left I  was in a serious amount of pain, had taken four more morphine’s and two muscle relaxers, was very tired, very confused, and wanting the whole thing to end.  I even missed the lawyer trying to shake my hand when we went to leave, Ron had to remind me, everyone was laughing and the lawyer was trying to make fun of it.  When we got home I sat in my office while Ron made me lunch and coffee.   Now I am feel good again as I am in my office blogging, the cats are on my desk, Ron is in bed sleeping for work tonight, and I feel comfortable again.  I guess that is the real problem, when my routine is disturbed, I don’t feel comfortable and feel like everything is wrong.   

So while nothing really bad happened today and nothing ever really does if my morning routine is messed with, it does upset me and throws me off my game plan.  I don’t seem to connect right with everything.  I feel like I am out of step with the world and the people in it.  Thankfully Ron is right with me when it happens so I am always safe and OK.  I mostly have my daily routine without interruption.  Thanks for reading.  As always feel free to comment on anything I post.  I wish everyone the best.  Hugs




  1. I’m pretty much shot as well is my routine is disrupted. Just curious, was your lawyer visit in regards to your SSDI? I have to re-new mine in a month or two and I’m a friggin’ wreck over it.

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    Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — February 22, 2017 @ 15:54

    • Yes it was. Se I was on disability until 2009. I was feeling pretty good and I wanted to go back to work really bad. So I lost the disablility. I would have had to refile as I was out of the wheelchair then, and I had gotten it while in the wheelchair and the lady at the office said that it was an important status change . Rather than go through it it, I went to work. Now that my body failed and I can never work again, and shouldn’t have ever tried as that is why my body failed, because I did not try to keep my disability before I had to go to a hearing with a judge. Plus they seem unaware of my prior disability situation as according to the lawyer everything prior to 5 years ago is not on their electronic records. It has taken me two years to get this hearing. I agree with you about being upset over it. I was told Ron could speak for me at the hearing as I can’t remember the diagnosis and the medical stuff. However now it turns out he has to be a witness and can’t even be in the hearing until after I testify. I was so upset we almost had to stop today. I was hyperventilating and heart was racing. The lawyer wanted to argue everything with me and I did not even want to talk to her. This is a new lawyer for me. Ron was able to calm everything down. It is clear I can never work again, but as you say, it is really nerve racking because so much depends on it. Do you have anyone to go with you? Anyone to speak as a witness to why you need disability and how your problems affect your daily life? I wouldn’t be able to do it without Ron to be there for me. The lawyer says she will help me and lead me but I would rather have Ron. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — February 22, 2017 @ 16:04

      • I’m on disability now and I have a therapist who helps me with all the paper work and the medical notes. Every 3 years you have to turn in more papers and that’s what I’ve got to do in a month or two. I do not have to go in front of a judge or anything. I just need to stay on it. I worry over stuff.

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        Comment by inspiredbythedivine1 — February 22, 2017 @ 16:26

        • I can understand. Most people who are not dependant on disability don’t realize how much a life saver it is. It is not just the income, it is also the medicare and if needed medicaid. I need a new scooter and a new wheelchair yet Ron’s insurance is fighting us, even though my doctors have prescribed it. I can understand why this is worrying to you, it is very serious. Be well. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — February 22, 2017 @ 16:32

  2. Whew, I felt exhausted reading your article – what a stress. We golden oldies should really take it easy, but easier said than done. Morning stress is the worst stress. If you lose time for unexpected interruptions you can lose your cool very easy. Luckily I can inject my MS medicine before going to bed in the evening so my mornings are usually smooth, if the computer does not have a problem or my reminders or notes do not disappear from my iPhone, then I tend to get a little excited to say the least. But at least we are not alone with our problems, we have WordPress to share them 🙂

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    Comment by angloswiss — February 22, 2017 @ 17:42

  3. Hi Scottie;
    Routines are important. They can make us predictable and boring to the younger and faster of the community, but they also give us a certain regularity and control so it doesn’t seem like we are constantly being forced to react and fight against the unknown. It gives us a sense of control. One of the problems I have at work is that I am no longer the boss, I don’t get to set the pace, I don’t know what is coming, I don’t have the ability to regulate what has to be done and make it move smoothly. Instead it seems like I am forever changing direction, the plans are changing before I have time to implement the ones I was given just previously. That’s fine for some, but in my mind I am juggling every machine that is running, giving it a certain amount of watchfulness and trying to predict and head off problems. When things get changed without me knowing, it really throws all that into the dirt and I feel a bit in the wind until I get it all sorted in my mind again.
    So, I understand your anxiety a bit when routine gets changed. Some think it silly, I find it vital.


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    Comment by randy — February 25, 2017 @ 18:39

    • Thank you Randy. Well said. You really are smarter than most people. I am glad we are going to talk tomorrow. I need to chat with you. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 25, 2017 @ 21:10

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