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March 10, 2017

Micheal Flynn Was What?

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Well said. It is scary what is transpiring. Every day we learn of new corruption, new Russian scandals & links, and more ways tRump sold the country out to enrich himself. He said he would make a profit being president and I guess we were warned but he means it. For the good of the country the republicans in congress need to stop looking out for their party and and start to do what is best for the country. Hugs


I thought I heard Donald J. Trump tell us how retired General Micheal Flynn was an honorable man and of how he was a victim of The Bad Bad Media and those Bad Liberals who were out to get him. It was revealed yesterday that Mr. Flynn reported himself as a agent working for the Turkish Government. By reporting himself, he’s officially not a spy but wait; wasn’t he privy to a bunch of high level reports prior to him leaving. When asked, I’m sure the Orange One will say, “He’s no longer on our staff and it’s over. Next question.”

Somehow these weasels (I’m sorry weasels for lumping you in with this scum) think the rules of ethics don’t apply to them. Their legal counsel put out a statement saying, “The Executive Office is not tied to those rules but we will make every effort to follow them.” What?…

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