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April 8, 2017

Time Patrol. WWII or III?

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This is a powerful post that can either dislodge your reality or reaffirm it. It speaks eloquently on a subject that has no right to exist. I hope that everyone who reads it can find the peace in themselves, and that it soothes the body as it does the mind. I wish you well. Hugs


Another rabid dog has rammed his lorry, truck, whatever, into a crowd of passersby. Dead? Several? Injured? More? Where? Stockholm. I searched my memory. Was Sweden a colonial power? No. Involved in slavery? Probably not. Crimes of war? No. Well, some of their descendants conquered England in 1066, but I’m sure there is a statute of limitations on that. Let’s cut to the chase. Once more, a rabid dog has killed civilians. How long will we endure? Until WWIII? The following photos come from my father’s archives. Taken in 1948, they show scenes of Le Havre, a major harbour on the French North Coast, before and after WWII and the Allied bombings.

Le havre 01

Place Gambetta, le Havre. The only thing standing after the bombings are the lampposts and the statue on the right, probably a memorial to WWI, judging by its style. Look closely to the right on the…

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