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April 29, 2017

Thursday Therapy: Twilight at your service

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I have often wondered what happens to the stuff left on the counter. I never suspected our two cats and instead blamed our son. I see now the cats were trying their best to keep us healthy by getting rid of the things we shouldn’t eat. Ah those smart lovable wee beasties. Now I have to figure out how to secure the refrigerator now that I know they can open the door and get in there. That explains the disappearance of all the chicken and deli meats. Such sacrifice on their part just for their humans, or as I have heard them describe us “fully owned subsidiaries of feline Inc”. 🙂 Hugs

Cattitude Chronicles

Hey there peeps!

Twilight here!

Got milk? 😺 Got mice? Need to clean some fish? I’m here to help!!

I do a really good job, too- you can even ask my human!

See, a couple of mornings ago, my favorite human (the one that feeds me and grooms me), left at 7:30 in the morning to go watch the tiny grabby thing they call the Creature’s little sister.

When she left, she took out a package of rock thingies from the freezer that looked (and smelled) like STEAK and another rock thingie that looked and smelled suspiciously like CHICKEN – and she told human #2 that the rocks that looked like steak was going to be his dinner, and she was going to have the one that looked like chicken when she got home.

*I never knew humans ate rocks, but whatever…*

Well, she left, and human #2 left after…

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  1. Aw cuteness!!!

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    Comment by houstonphotojourney — April 29, 2017 @ 06:37

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