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May 14, 2017

Hugs and a little of what they mean to me

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Cory was the last to ask about hugs to me, and he waited through the last long video just to see if I would say / use hugs.  I did.   This is for you Cory.  Hugs


  1. Wow thank you beyond measure for the shout out and thanks for answering my little wondering, gosh friend what a truly harsh environment to come from, i’m so happy to see you’ve made it past that on to more green and plentiful pastures, I like the backstory of hugs and what it means to you, I suppose I can only speak for myself but know that it doesn’t go unnoticed, it’s more than appreciated if not needed at times be I admit it too myself or not, life at the moment is kicking my tail with a rather interesting situation it’s put me in, but that is what life is all about rite, but knowing persons such as yourself exist that can show love and positivity so consistently and mean it is something beautiful and reminds me that there are others that do care no mater what situation I or anyone else may face, there’s strength and inspiration in that I think and I thank you for both 😊

    Keep up the good work always and many feel goods🌸

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    Comment by Cory Melancon — May 15, 2017 @ 01:15

  2. ” I affirm you:” this is one amazingly powerful blog.
    I didn’t know you weren’t hugged.
    I hope Ron makes up for every hug you never got!
    But your description I love.
    And where the hugs term came from that blog and how that opened your eyes.
    Having someone touch you, like you mentioned, human contact is very healing.

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    Comment by bethanyk — May 15, 2017 @ 13:38

    • Thank you. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — May 15, 2017 @ 13:42

      • It’s a great video! You did a great job! The blog you were referring to that everyone commented on, is it still around from back in 2007?

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        Comment by bethanyk — May 15, 2017 @ 13:48

        • Hello Bethany. Thank you. I have been meaning to do that video for a while, but I had to get to the point I could talk about that time in my life. The blog is gone. Someone did a mirror site of the last few years of it. The blog ended with the boy getting very ill and then the blog stopped. No one seemed to know what happened. It had a huge following back then. But I still am not sure if the boy just got tired, if he did get ill or what happened. Thanks again. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — May 15, 2017 @ 13:53

          • Sounds to me like he was a blessing to many so I hope he is ok! The blog says alot about you as a person and the openness of your experiences I non judgment can help man people. Hugs to you

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            Comment by bethanyk — May 15, 2017 @ 13:54

  3. Lovely video Scottie – hugs upon hugs to you ❤

    – Esme hugging away happily upon the Cloud

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    Comment by Esme upon the Cloud — May 16, 2017 @ 07:26

  4. Hi Scottie;
    Sorry, I watched your video days ago, but had no chance to comment. But, your words have been resonating in my mind in idle moments at work and while dealing with the things going on here.
    It’s been a while since we’ve talked, with everything going on, and it was great to see you via the video.
    Shortly after we began writing and talking, I adopted your signature send off of “hugs”. Oddly enough, I don’t do so with my family, but seem to hold it for you specifically and my internet friends/comments in general. I like how it sounds, how it makes me feel…. like I am reaching out with love. When we feel very judged and guarded with family, etc., to be so free to give a hug via the internet, to share warmth and acceptance even in disagreement, well it is one of the very things, I think, that drew me to you and something I wanted to share and emulate. So, while you may not have “originated” it, I think you carried the torch for your stretch and more, influencing others and “preaching” by this one word a level of caring many of us don’t receive very often.
    And so, I thank you, and send off with much love…. and…
    Your brother, randy

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    Comment by Randy — May 18, 2017 @ 13:36

    • Hello Randy. Your love and caring reach far and wide also. I am so glad we found each other. I think hugs sums up me and my view of life well. Everything you said is so true and well said. I know you have been busy. Im or text me when you have free time. Much love and lots of happy hugs my grand brother


      Comment by Scottie — May 18, 2017 @ 13:45

  5. I’m not a hugger, but if I ever get to meet you in person, I’ll crush the air out of you! 💚

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    Comment by heretherebespiders — May 25, 2017 @ 16:46

    • I love it. I look forward to it. Hope all is well today for you. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — May 25, 2017 @ 16:49

      • I have no idea what is well and what isn’t right now! Himself is doing his radio show, sans drink as he can’t take the chance of being clumsy (he fell twice yesterday but no damage it seems).

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        Comment by heretherebespiders — May 25, 2017 @ 16:51

        • I seen the surgeon this morning. He is going to see his dad for vacation so my surgery won’t be until he gets back in late July. Totally out for surgery, 1 night in hospital, 2 weeks on no weight bearing. Then a couple weeks on 25 % and then a couple 50 percent or so if I remembered right. Ron was paying attention , I was thinking how frigging painful the walk in was with a walker instead of my cane and about the extra meds I had to take. I will use the walker after surgery but I refuse to use it before. Tell you more another time. You have a drink and relax, you deserve some time off. Hugs

          Liked by 1 person

          Comment by Scottie — May 25, 2017 @ 17:15

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