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September 13, 2017

Changing colors

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I like this post. I agree it is simply a change, not a tragedy. I have often wondered why the older white people in the mostly retired age park I live in are so afraid of the changes. They fear the loss of privilege they don’t realize they use constantly, they fear the world they knew and understood has began to pass them by. The go on at length if they hear a language spoken around them they do not understand as if not knowing what two other people are saying is a matter of life and death. I think in the history of this country those in the majority have always been supplanted by the gains of a newer majority. Look the truth is we are becoming a more mixed people society anyway. I have to wonder if the white supremacists understand they carry traits of many other races, some in a large part of their genetic make up. Would they freak to know that, how would they deal? Hugs

Ends and Beginnings

change“Trump doesn’t give a damn about the Bible or Jesus. He’s pimping the gospel, just as he pimped racially insecure “working class” white men and women into voting for him in exchange for an America that doesn’t threaten their whiteness.” – Terrell Jermaine Starr

This is great article in The Root magazine; Donald Trump’s White Christian Supremacy

Let’s be very clear, America isn’t getting whiter and for me personally this “change” can’t happen quick enough. I am tired of the white elite being in charge. I am tired of white evangelicals distorting the words, and actions of Jesus. I am tired of old white men getting all the breaks because they are old white men. Yes, the hue of America is changing and this old white guy couldn’t be happier.

An article in Sojourners Magazine, ‘Christian America’ Dwindling, Including White Evangelicals, Study Shows states that “The future of religion in…

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  1. Old white men & women cling to their guns because of guilt & fear: they KNOW sooner or later, The Black Man is going to “rise up” and kill them for what the white majority has done to them. That America was FOUNDED on “All men are created equal” is yet another bipolar problem for these people. That the majority of blacks have shown so much grace (taking the high road) in not doing so scares the shit out of these racist whites: they simple do not understand such enlightened, evolved thinking and never will. That demographic is dying, though. Know hope.

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    Comment by Barbara Carlson — September 13, 2017 @ 12:43

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