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September 15, 2017

What the statistics say about Sweden, immigration and crime –

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Below is an excerpt from the post. After reading it please go to the link to read the whole article. Thank you. Hugs

“In general, crime statistics have gone down the last (few) years, and no there is no evidence to suggest that new waves of immigration has led to increased crime,” Selin said.

Generally, there’s a certain over-representation of people with immigrant background in crime statistics, but that tends to be closely related to high levels of unemployment, poverty, exclusion, low language and other skills, Selin said. “Swedes with these characteristics are also overrepresented in crime statistics,” he said.

If we look specifically at sex offences, which the Fox News segment highlighted, there were 18,100 sex offenses reported to the police in 2015, down 11 percent from 2014, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

The number of rapes reported decreased 12 percent between 2014 and 2015, to 5,920, the agency reported. The council noted that in Sweden, when a single case is reported, every incident associated with the case is also reported as an offense during the same year.

The amount of reported rape offenses has gone up in the last 10 years (2006-15), which the agency said can be partially attributed to new legislation in 2005 that augmented the types of acts that can be classified as rape.

“The effect of the statutory change appeared in the statistics such that the number of reported offences in respect of sexual coercion and exploitation declined in the years immediately following the statutory change while the number of reported rapes increased,” according to the agency. In 2013, a rape offense was broadened “to include cases where the victim reacts passively.”


What the statistics say about Sweden, immigration and crime – http:///truth-o-meter/article/2017/feb/20/what-statistics-say-about-immigration-and-sweden/

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