Monsanto strikes again

Thank you Meeka for posting this.
I have read up on this issue and it concerns me. I really think if you have to suit up like an astronaut in a hostile to life space environment to use a chemical, that chemical doesn’t belong on our food. To me this seems an issue of a powerful company trying to force others to use their special brand of seed or they will kill off the competing crops. Seems like a strong arm criminal tacit to me. I signed the petition with the hopes it will do some good. Please take a look. Hugs

Meeka's Mind

Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready was bad enough, but Dicamba is an order of magnitude worse. It’s a form of toxic, aerial blackmail.

“It’s no surprise farmers are up in arms. Dicamba spreads death with the wind, drifting onto their crops, trees, soil, and water. Farmers are now faced with a terrible choice — switch to Monsanto GMO seeds, or watch their crops die.

It’s a greedy, dangerous scheme that will make Monsanto billions and could destroy our food system.” AVAAZ

You can read more about Dicamba here:

AVAAZ is campaigning for a million signatures to try to stop Monsanto. I’m not American so my signature won’t count, but if you live in the US and you care about food and justice, please sign the petition and ask your friends to sign too.

The petition is here:



p.s. we switched over to Daylight Savings time this morning at…

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2 thoughts on “Monsanto strikes again

  1. acflory October 1, 2017 / 17:23

    Thanks, Scottie. I first came across Monsanto almost 2 decades ago when I was researching a story idea, and the company has epitomised evil for me ever since. The thing that scares me the most is that I suspect the reason no government does anything about the company is because they /can’t/. Monsanto ‘infiltrated’ the FDA years ago, now it’s become too powerful to touch. 😦

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