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October 2, 2017

Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting

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Are these people doing this stupid, cruel, mentally ill, or are the narcissists who feel only they know the correct information and have a duty to spread it.  It matters but the larger problem is they are all spreading false news.   Lies, innuendos, and slurs are used to press conspiracy theories.    They are using a tragedy to hurt and harm people.  Do we really need to sink this low as humans.   What is wrong with our species that we are rushing to the lowest point we can go.   I do not know what  to do about the stupid and the easily led, but I think those deliberately doing this should be charged with a crime and then sued in civil court.   Hugs

This post will be updated as more hoaxes surface.

Source: Here Are All The Hoaxes Being Spread About The Las Vegas Shooting


  1. I can not understand the kind of attention seeking these people are displaying. The truth is awful enough without adding all this crap. I fear for our country.

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    Comment by Suze — October 2, 2017 @ 10:22

    • I agree. I also do not have a clue as how to combat this growing trend. I can not figure out how to break through the walls some people surround themselves with. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — October 2, 2017 @ 10:29

  2. A terrible tragedy, Scottie.

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    Comment by robbiesinspiration — October 2, 2017 @ 13:17

    • Sorry, this comment just showed up in the system. That is why it is late getting approved. Thanks. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — October 7, 2017 @ 10:34

  3. Check out “The Onion” today. They have on the main page a story that says it all.
    “No way to prevent this” says only nation where this regularly happens. Check it soon as they may take it down before the day is over. Yes, the Onion IS a spoof/satire site. If you click on the story, it has more of the same, like the mass shooting in San Bernardino not so long ago, plus others. Remember not so long ago, the mass shooting in a movie theater in Colorado? The school shootings in Connecticut and Columbine? Yes, (not so very) old ‘Merikkka is THE land of mass shootings.
    What a country. And yet some call this country “exceptional”! Well, we are exceptional for sure. Exceptionally delusional in our own “goodness” which, as an old former Marine (honorable discharge) says, exceptional liars! The collective ‘we’ go around the globe telling/forcing others to live as ‘we’ tell them to, but look at how this country of ours is destroying itself from the inside.
    I remember when old Nikita said he’d “bury” us. LOL, boy was he ever wrong. We are doing it to ourselves.
    Limit all private gun ownership to single action revolvers, the odd single action (as in you must cock the hammer) shotguns and maybe a bolt action rifle. At least then it would take serious skill to kill large numbers of living critters, humans included. Automatic/semi-automatic weapons have NO place in private hands. Besides, in my opinion, every automatic weapon, assault rifles are the worst, look like crap.
    Sorry for the long winded rant here Scottie, but I am way beyond sick of this sort of crap. ENOUGH!
    Wake up ‘Merikkka! You are killing yourselves for no reason at all.
    p.s. I have been calling the US of A ‘Merikkka for many years now and will do so until it changes for the better. Yeah, I’ll be long dead before it even tries that.

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    Comment by davidambrose66 — October 2, 2017 @ 15:48

    • No need to apologize David. You said it better than I could. I agree with you. I will go check out the onion now. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — October 2, 2017 @ 15:52

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