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October 13, 2017

Any deity who wants love based on fear, is not a deity to worship. Hugs

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  1. Very true! All of it!

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    Comment by Professor Taboo — October 13, 2017 @ 09:47

  2. Mel just wrote a post that talks about “God” being love. Isn’t it interesting that the bible also encourages one to “fear” god? Are we to assume that fear and love are compatible? It would seem so.

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    Comment by Nan — October 13, 2017 @ 13:08

    • I think Mel is just like his god. Dishonest and two faced. Just as his god says one thing and does another, Mel claims to be one thing and shows himself to be something different. I couldn’t worship the christian god of the bible even if it was proven to exist. I can not stomach worshiping such hate and negativity. That bible has one depravity after another, and to me if that is what is representative of their god as they claim, It is hot a good god but an evil to be fought. Hope you are having a good weekend. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — October 13, 2017 @ 13:12

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