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November 7, 2017

I am trying out my new camera and saying I am going to do more videos and would like your ideas. Hugs

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  1. I wanna know what mix of juices those are it looks wonderfully delicious, all seems to be working and functioning very well…

    I’ve noticed a lot of fellow bloggers discussing bulling, have you ever been a victim, I’m sure it changes from time to time how you deal, with it, or maybe there was once s time you were one yourself, was there something that made you change, sorry if it’s a topic your not comfortable with or have discussed before…

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    Comment by Cory Melancon — November 7, 2017 @ 16:43

    • We get the drink mixes in the tall rectangle type box, with six tubes of powder in them. Two tubes to a gallon of water. They come in just about every flavor you can imagine and they are sugar free.

      Hello Cory. You will have to be a bit more specific in time frame. Yes I was bullied badly at different times and places in my life. Remember my childhood was really traumatic, I am the survivor of childhood abuse.
      Even adults can be bullied. how about yourself, will you be posting on your history with bullying and your ways of dealing with it. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 8, 2017 @ 13:10

      • I would not want to have you relapse in a sense if any of what i asked of you causes a problem, I would say whatever makes you comfortable, I gave no thought to your adult years as I see you by that time being strong enough to not have that happen, and yes if my story is something that interests you I will gladly meet your request…

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        Comment by Cory Melancon — November 8, 2017 @ 14:06

        • I will not tell you about my childhood, if you want to read it it is on the blog in different posts. Or if you have specific questions you can email me. As for can adults be bullied? Well when I was first transferred to West Berlin, it was an open secret that my boyfriend and I were a couple. I got assigned to a shift that had a bigoted redneck sargent who made it his life’s work to try to destroy me and my career. He rode me hard and wrote me up several times a week. He hated gays and he hated me. However I got the last laugh, and it was a good one. He got into an argument with a fellow sergeant. So when that sergeant was out of his office the bad Sgt put a plate on the guy’s desk, complete with knife , fork , and spoon. He then took a shit on the plate. Yes he left a fresh human turd on a fellow soldier’s desk. Of course he got court marshaled and a bad conduct discharge. I went to the Warrant Officer who was the first officer in my chain of command and the officer incharge of the satellite site I worked at and pressed my case for all the written reports and slams the bad Sgt has made against me were false and it was hurting my career. The warrant officer heard me out and then gave me the entire file to burn in the crypto burn barrel. As I was leaving his office he told me two things. First he never believed the things the bad Sgt had said about me and had refused to press me up the chain of command to the company commander for court martial when the bad Sgt keep pushing for someone to do. He then told me I was a great technician and he would be proud to enlist me ( Long story short I Went to the site to say good bye as I was leaving to go home, the site went down. Completely off the bird ( satellite ) Everyone was rushing around and the high level ranks came to help because we were on the bird again but no data was being transmitted. I remembered a critical step everyone had forgotten and fix it and we were up and running. As I wouldn’t stay enlisted in the regular Army he begged me to reconsider, and I agreed to join the individual ready reserves. )
          So a bully tried to make me miserable and get me kicked out of the service. Instead he got kicked out and I got my entire file cleaned of his bullshit. You are correct I did not get bullied after getting out of the Army as I did stand up for myself, and my ideals. I did get assaulted a few times by bigoted pricks but I gave as good as I got. If I think some is secretly being a bully behind my back, I tend to be vocal and loud. I simply wont tolerate being bullied now. Now yes your turn to carry the conversation. What is your story? IF you have more questions let me know. Good night for today it is getting late for me. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — November 8, 2017 @ 23:03

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