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November 15, 2017

Why do theist say without god they would rape and kill

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Another installment in my new video series.   this one asks the question of why so many theist say the only thing keeping them for raping and killing is their belief in their god.  You can leave comment either here or on my YouTube channel.   I am not going to change the name or it. I am who I am and these are my thoughts.   So the Channel will stay under my name Scottie Miller.   Hugs


  1. Even the title infuriates me. How about their inner self, their integrity, their morals, their self worth, sense of self, just being a decent person. Why blame or excuse or put any of that on God when you are basically saying “deep down I am the shit of the earth” oh my gosh i could go on and on

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    Comment by bethanyk — November 15, 2017 @ 13:50

    • Well said Bethany. I hope you are well. I have not seen much lately on your seizures and I hope they are not bothering you still. I watched two videos this morning from “religious” and “christian” people who did go to great lengths to say they would rape and kill if they were not religious or christian. Weird isn’t it. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 15, 2017 @ 13:59

      • It is disturbing. Very disturbing.
        The judgment and the hypocrisy is very upsetting. We have two neighbors who we chose to stop being friends with because they insisted that my Jewish family is going to hell AND my daughter’s best friend is gay and the mother called me to tell me she could not BELIEVE that I allowed my daughter unmonitored with a gay female. I was beyond words. Truly beyond words. This is her best friend. So gay means predator? She would then trust her daughter with a christian male she told me that she did not even know over a gay female. So yep. She got the boot. I have no time in my life for hate toward the innocent and hiding behind a religion. Makes me sick.
        My seizures. Eh. I just don’t know. I think I am having small ones in the middle of the night so do I go aggressively on lyme treatment in hopes it helps the seizures even though it could make them worse or do i got up on seizure meds. This is my week’s quandary. Thankyou for asking!!!!! Did you have your endocrine apt?

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        Comment by bethanyk — November 15, 2017 @ 14:15

        • Yes I did and it was a bust. The doctor wanted six months to come up with an idea as he is confused by the labs. I gave him two months. I was just reading something about how some religious groups prefer young girls the age of 14 to be dating ( courting they call it ) older men. They phrase it that way, never the way of an older male adult dating a child.

          I think we both understand too well what a man in his thirties wants from a girl of 14. The fact that some partents promote this scares the spit out of me. Those poor kids, boys and girls. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — November 15, 2017 @ 14:23

  2. I understand why the theists say that. They are creating a narrative of how people are sick and the only cure is the snake oil they are selling.

    Alt-med pushers often do the same thing. You have “toxins” so you need their cleanse, or your “chi” is out of whack so you need your aura adjusted, or you are tired because you are lacking negative ions, and so forth. Until they sell you on the problem, they can’t sell you on the cure. That’s what the theists are doing. They need to persuade people (including themselves) that they are completely evil because they are full of this thing called “sin”, and that they are offering the only possible cure for it. If you don’t buy into the problem, you won’t buy the cure.

    So they constantly indoctrinate themselves, and unfortunately their kids too, on how evil people are. And they take perfectly normal things, that everybody experiences, and label them as “sinful” just to make sure they can pile on the guilt. Church services are full of this stuff, to keep the congregation feeling like they have a problem that only the church can fix.

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    Comment by Ubi Dubium — November 15, 2017 @ 16:18

    • Wow, you are so correct. I never looked at it that way. Thank you. That makes so much sense. Now how do we get the idea away from the people who have had it drummed into them how bad they are that they are not some mythical evil just humans who can make their own way without a super being to help them? Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — November 15, 2017 @ 16:22

      • By exactly what you’re doing. We talk to them, and with them. We reassure them that they aren’t as horrible as they have been told. We let them get to know secular people who are really nice human beings, so we show that their indoctrination isn’t correct, at least not on that point.

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        Comment by Ubi Dubium — November 15, 2017 @ 16:35

    • You sum it up perfectly, Ubi!

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      Comment by Nan — November 15, 2017 @ 16:35

  3. Hi Scottie, I hate to have to admit that I cannot listen to your video blogs because my system has more crackles in it than your recording equipment can put there. So I have to content myself with reading the comments others make, and your replies to them, and using those souurces to figure out what your videos are about. That, and the titles you give them, tell me a lot about you and tose who make comments to you.
    But, please allow me, for I too suffer from diabetes, and from other internal medical conditions, and for BethanyK who suffers from seizures, there is one product that can help you if you are willing to try it. And, while I do sell this product in my own area of the world, I am not trying to sell either of you anything. I just want to inform you of its existence should you be interested in trying it. The product is LOW-THC CANNABIS SATIVA (HEMP) SEED OIL, and is 100% natural. It is not a curative, nor is it a cleansing agent. It is legally sold exactly as it is pressed out of the seeds of a particular species of marijuana plant, and it has been used for as a medical treatment for many conditions for over 10,000 years in the Orient. And, from personal experience (or, in the case of seizures, from customers’ anecdotal stories) it works to regulate blood sugars, and to stop seizures. It is not a cure, though, just a regulator.
    I used to take Lantus (in Canada) insulin injections, and I have been on a drug called Metformin in Canada, or Glucophage in the USA, I believe. I am no longer on either, I no longer avoid sugar products as long as I don’t overdo them, and my blood sugar stays at an almost perfect level well below what my doctor says is safe. (I cannot translate that into numbers, as Canada (where my BS is a 6) and America use different scales). For seizures, people tell me that as long as they or their children stay on a regular dose of the Med Marijuana® Seed Oil, they do not experience any seizures at all. This product does not work for everyone, I will not make impossible claims for it. Nor does it work immediately for most people because each body is different, and takes different time periods to learn how to use the CBDs that it provides, or the edestin protein, or the Essential Fatty Acids. The average cost is about $40 CAD, and you can find a distributor near you by going to and using the “find a distributor” button. Mind you, this being a Canadian product that is just gaining popularity in the States, you may need to dig deeper if there is no one around you selling it yet. You cannot get high on this product, and because the THC level is so low it will not show up on blood or urine tests if those are required in your life. I am just providing this as information; feel free to ignore if you choose.

    Now, I have never heard anyone say that any kind of belief, or non-belief, is all that is keeping them from being rapists or killers, and if they are being honest, I’m glad I have never heard anyone talk like that. I rue the day they stop being believers, and they will stop someday, you can bet your last dollar on that. They are terrorists waiting to happen. And the same goes for anyone who thinks being LGBTQ is criminal. Who the hell cares what “gender” they believe they are, no one is going to make anyone else change their sexual preference. That is the real sickness here, not being LGBTQ or being straight. HOMOPHOBIA is a mental illness, and should be treated as such. I myself am straight, but I will never interfere with anyone who is not like me. I have had many LGBTQ friends in life, as well as a few Asexuals, and others besides. Most of them were decent people, but then not all straight people are decent people either. (If a study was done, I’m betting there would be far more non-decent straights than non-decent members of the LGBTQ ranks. Non-decent people, whatever they are, disgust me. It costs nothing to be decent to any living being, and it would make the world a much nicer AND SAFER place to be were everyone decent to everyone else.

    That’s my rant for today.
    Question, could you transcribe your videos into text? Then people like me could have the best of your world. and hear it too.


    Comment by rawgod — November 28, 2017 @ 04:47

    • Hello. I will let the top part of your comment pass with the caveote that I do not endorse the product and anyone reading this should check with the doctors they trust. No one should stop a current treatment for anything without their doctor’s knowledge especially if it is not FDA approved. I have mostly great medical professionals who have a much greater knowledge and training and to disrespect that without deep research and collaboration from other medical personnel is foolish.

      As for hearing theist say they would do horrible things without their flavor of deity all you have to do is listen to any theist video attacking atheism / atheists and listen to any of the many who claim without god there can be no morals.

      No I can not transcribe the videos. IF you could have listened to the videos you would know that the reason for the videos is that it is painful for me to type and long written posts are a large problem.

      I am not sure why you have such bad audio. Even the cheapest smartphones have the ability to play YouTube reasonably. Computer speakers are from 5 to 9 dollars and up. Without knowing your personal set up I can not help you. However a quick suggestion is if you have a computer and speaker set up go to the sound / volume icon on the lower right of the taskbar and right click on it. Select playback devices. Select the playback device you are using and then go to properties. From there you may have many options for cleaning up your sound output. Some systems have more options than others and some are limited.

      Anyway. Again I would ask people to not take medical advice from nonmedical sources. I worked in a very large hospital in the ICU’s and I can tell you many examples of people going off their meds or trying a homeopathic remedy for what medical problem they have and it nearly costing them or did cost them their life. Be well. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 28, 2017 @ 08:41

      • While I said I am off a lot of meds, I did it all with my doctors’ blessings, and only alter I had been on the oil for a period of time. I apologize if I gave anyone any other idea. The thing is, I am now off a lot of the meds I was on and I am doing great without them. There are other way’s than Big Pharma to lessen suffering, and this is the best one I have ever found.
        My apologies also to you, I did not know about your finger/hand difficulties. We all have our own crosses to bear. I have many.

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        Comment by rawgod — November 28, 2017 @ 15:41

  4. Oh, on the downside, and this is ONLY my personal opinion… Your website has a VOTING IS IMPORTANT sign on it. I would agree with you, but ONLY IF there were someone worth voting for. Voting for the best of two or more available BAD CHOICES is accepting the game that you really don’t care who you are giving your vote to. I don’t mean to offend anyone, every person has their own choice to make, but I choose to only vote if I have someone who is in agreement with my point of view IN MOST AREAS OF LIFE. And some areas are more critical than others. My two rules of life are DO UNTO OTHERS ONLY WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO ALLOW OTHERS TO DO UNTO YOU (see my blog Re-Writing the Golden Rule) and NO PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL ANY OTHER PERSON or any living being at all HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIFE, AS LONG AS THAT PERSON IS DOING NO HARM TO ANY OTHER LIVING BEING IN THAT PROCESS OF WHAT THEY WANT TO DO (watch for my upcoming blog on Authority! No one knows me like I do!)


    Comment by rawgod — November 28, 2017 @ 05:05

    • I strongly and deeply disagree with your assessment on voting. I was especially vocal about it during the last election. I think the results of those who did not vote because they did not have a perfect candidate or in protest proves my point, people got what they did not really expect. It would have been easy to stop the disaster we now have.
      The difference I think between us is how we see what it means to vote and what an election is. I do not see it as a one – off and done thing. I see it as a process like building something, baking something, it is a series of steps that work toward a goal. The first step won’t get you there, but the 10th might. I think it is a disgrace that our people do not vote in or learn about local elections, letting the most radically driven people win on school boards and town councils. That is starting to change for democrats. A decade ago the republicans were doing their best to win local and state elections as they realized the power in having the state control in their party. I think we need a national holiday as the voting day to get more participation. Australia has mandatory voting, yet I do not know how they work it, but the turnout is much more representative of the people.

      To the point that a candidate may not have the majority of your views, but is far better on them than the opponent. For those who care about the environment, civil rights, education, and so much more would have been able to work with and advance to where they wanted the Clinton administration’s views. They sure won’t have any progress with the current one and in fact they lost all they cared about for their protest vote.

      The other things is voting is not a one time thing. We have primaries. There you vote for the candidate that you have most in common with or whose views you support. If your candidate doesn’t win because many more people voted for another, that doesn’t mean you get to throw down your ball and stomp away like a petulant child. At the point where it is going to be one person out of two, voting for the least horrible or the best of the two is a valid way to vote. Because one of them will win. Get the one best for your causes and then do the hard work of moving the the political landscape to your goals. It can be done, it has been done. But not if the people don’t try, dont vote, dont care. Simply bitching without any effort to fix the problem doesn’t work to getting what you view as the correct progress of the country.

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      Comment by Scottie — November 28, 2017 @ 08:19

      • Believe me, I’d love to change the system, but IN MY OPINION it is people who accept mediocrity that prevent that change from happening. You have your opinion, and you live by it. Good for you. But it leads to getting people like Trump being elected to your highest office. That’s all I’m going to say.


        Comment by rawgod — November 29, 2017 @ 00:15

        • Yes but how do you change a system if you are not willing to participate? I don’t see sitting out the affair as helping change it. Change normally comes in smaller steps, not one big bang. Be well. Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — November 29, 2017 @ 07:28

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