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November 17, 2017

Who is paying for Trumps Obama vendetta?

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I love this. It is well written and touches the truth of the subject. I hope everyone who reads this will add their voice to protect those who cannot protect themselves, the animals and the planet. Hugs

Ends and Beginnings


Donald Trump, for whatever reason has had a bone to pick with Barack Obama long before he threw his red baseball cap into the Presidential ring. For years Trump has questioned Obama’s birthplace, and his academic record. He has even cast doubt on whether Obama wrote his acclaimed books. But since Trump became President he has ratcheted up his hate for all things Barack Obama one pen stroke at a time.

Why does Trump hate Obama? My guess is it has everything to do with the culture of Donald Trump. It is about Barack’s skin color and his rags to riches story. A man like Barack Obama is an alien in the world of Donald Trump. Trump can deal with a Jewish man achieving success in life because at his core he is man first, white or at least kind of white second and Jewish last. Barack only checks one of those boxes…

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