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Wise words well written and even more worth reading. This is a hard time of year for many, and most will hide their need. I know this from personal experience. When my health failed Ron and I lost my income. Half the income of our home was suddenly gone at a time when my medical bills were soaring higher and my insurance gone. We went from comfortable to barely able to scrape by. We told hardly anyone, we just kept cutting back until there was nothing left to cut. We were lucky we owned our home so there was no mortgage. We had christmases with nothing but each other sitting together listening to the radio. I was able to get health insurance through the ACA and that was a lifesaver really. Then the courts decided the bigotry that had kept our love and relationship from being recognized was wrong and I finally got to be covered under my spouse’s insurance. We are lucky. We lost a lot and will take years to recover from it. Again we told very few of our struggles. We had luck on our side. We could have been homeless, we did go hungry. We did have our electric shut off, and we scrounged all the change we could. My point is none of our neighbors knew. Ron’s co-workers did not know. SO there are people in our country, our neighborhoods, our communities who are in great need. This list has some good ways to help. Thank you. Have a great grand season. Hugs

Ends and Beginnings

I subscribe to an online magazine called the Elephant Journal which describes itself as “it’s about a mindful life”. 

This online journal is one of many, too many, that I get on a daily and weekly basis about Buddhism, liberal Christian thought and mindfulness. Honestly I get so many I rarely read half of them but this particular email headline caught my attention; 38 ways you can finally stop being a D*ck

Here is Via Shivani Vyas, who wrote article, list of 38 suggestions;


1. Opt out of engaging in road rage. If someone does happen to show you their lovely middle finger, communicate the peace sign in return and just smile.
2. Be firm but courteous to telemarketers. Remember they are just doing their job to pay their bills.
3. Write a thank you card and mail it to someone who has helped you in any way, big…

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3 thoughts on “38 ways you can finally stop being a D*ck

  1. Great post, thank you for the link Scottie, it’s right up my street that way of thinking as you know. Hugs abound in your direction.

    – Esme waving happily regardless of the dark upon the Cloud

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  2. Bill Ziegler says:

    Hi Scottie, Thanks for unveiling those personal experiences, and for sharing these 38 paths. I can never remind myself enough that every pair of eyes I encounter every day is a fellow creature that does not belong to you. Never be the one asking this question — What can I get away with?

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    1. Scottie says:

      Well said Bill, well said. Hugs

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