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November 24, 2017

The USA police state.

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The changes at the justice department are hurting the poor and non-white the most.  While whites and nonwhites use weed at about the same rate, black and brown people are arrested, charges, prosecuted, and sentenced to much harsher sentences.  In a lot of states a felony denies the person the right to vote.  Think on that.   IF you are a white nationalist, a white supremacist, what better way to slow down and stop progress of rights for other races.    It takes away all their power to achieve political gains.   The USA is in a very dangerous place internally right now.  It is tipping to a point that will take decades to rebuild the rights of its people.    Mass incarceration, sweeping arrests, an authoritative government are not a free society and it is a very dangerous slide to more oppression we are on.  Over the years the reversal of this trend is slow and hard fought.  But the deepening of an authoritative government gives more power to the upper echelon and they in turn try to push for more of it.  Look what is happening in Turkey for example.  A once free and secular country is quickly becoming a dictatorship build on religion.   FOr those who push religion as the answer here, think of what theocracies of the world have become, the harm they have done to the people.  A free people needs a free press.  We don’t have that.  A free people must be able to laugh at the political leaders, yet in our own senate  a woman was arrested for doing just that.  They tried twice to convict her.   Is this the country you want, afraid to speak out for fear of punishment?   Hugs

(cartoon by Jen Sorenson)

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