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November 28, 2017

Why Republicans are Republicans and Democrats are Democrats

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A well written post that explains clearly the difference between Republicans and Democrat party, and the reasons why in general terms. It is an easy to understand informative post and I recommend it highly. I also agree that a huge majority of democrats have become what I call corporate democrats. I stole the term from the TYT Network news shows. I am a progressive democrat and support that model for elections and will vote from progressive democrats over corporate ones. There are several new organizations making a large difference in the political landscape. I look at the progressives that recently won in so many local elections. Thanks Steve for an informative read. Hugs

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When this country was created “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” it was created by a fairly elite group of men. They made sure that a stable society and government was provided for by making sure that Indians, slaves, and women did not get to vote, nor did poorish men. You needed land to qualify to vote, meaning you had to be an elite or near-elite member of society to cast a ballot.

The Founders felt that the very best people to run the government were people just like themselves: well-educated, wealthy men who had the leisure time to reflect on the issues of the day and didn’t have to devote every waking moment to find food and shelter.

They were worried about the affect of wealth on their new government, so this reinforced their suitability for leadership as they were already wealthy and would, therefore…

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