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December 2, 2017

Think and ask questions. It is important

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God doesn’t protect you from anything you do not protect yourself from.

This is called having it both ways and it is wrong.   You can not have your cake and also eat it.  So if you give God credit for all that you feel is good, you also have to give him credit for all that is bad.  

I was told last night by a minister that atheists have no reason to live, God gives us the reason to live.   I disagreed with him and told him that is something I would expect from an extreme Islamic and not a mainstream pastor who claims to believe in science.   If your life is all about pleasing a mythical deity with the hope of an afterlife praising that same mythical deity then you really are not living.  You are looking not to the joy of life, but to death and a possible reward when dead.   That is sad.

Lastly this one needs no more caption than what is happening in Alabama with people champion Roy Moore.   Some have said it wouldn’t matter if he was caught doing it to their daughter.   That is so horrible and drinking the koolaid.   Someone please explain how it is love or godly to put political ideology over morals and goodness.   Hugs

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