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December 5, 2017

That’s enough …

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  1. Thanks for the laugh Scottie. How’s health going? Any better?

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    Comment by equinoxio21 — December 5, 2017 @ 19:14

    • Greatly Improved. A ways to go but for right now it seems my bone dying problem is in remission. This happened in 2004 and it returned in 2006. So I am hopeful. With the bones not dying / exposing nerves, I have been able to come off narcotics. I am still in the withdrawal stage but my doctor told me I “am one in a million” I have two more meds to wean off ( they do not want me to just stop one as it can cause seizures) But they don’t want to do it until I stabilize for the others I have stopped. It is so great. I can drive again, I went to the grocery today and got groceries for the family, I am getting stronger every day. A great season gift. Now I have a new goal. I bought the book “basic math and pre algebra” and I am teaching myself about math stuff I did not get growing up. Next I take the tabe test again, ( took it in 2009 and got 10th grade passing marks, I want to get at least 11th grade this time ) then either go to a college course or a certificate course in Medical Assistant. Then back to work. May take me two years as they don’t want me to push too hard and my body collapse again. I am hoping to be done in either a year or 18 months.
      Thank you for asking. I did what you suggested and went back to my primary to complain about the endo doctor saying wait 6 months. The primary is handling the changes now. You have a great season. Many hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — December 5, 2017 @ 19:25

      • That is excellent news my friend. Keep up the good work. And I’m glad your primary is handling the changes. Take good care of yourself. 🙂

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        Comment by equinoxio21 — December 6, 2017 @ 14:15

  2. So encouraging, Scottie! Very happy for you that things are coming together and your health is on the upward swing. 😀

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    Comment by Nan — December 5, 2017 @ 19:30

    • I am excited so much Nan. It is not easy but worth it and in many ways fun to be able to do stuff. I have even been riding my bike again. Best wishes. Happy holidays. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — December 5, 2017 @ 19:32

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